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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Zed by Jason McIntyre!

Zed, The Next Dovetail Novel

It’s the waning dog days of August, 1975 and Tom Mason’s in Dovetail Cove for the last few weeks of his summer job at the group home. His boss and the home’s owner is Karen Banatyne, one of the wealthiest folks in town. It seems like she’s got it in for Tom; she’s the only one standing in his way as he scrimps for a new camera.

But Karen has her own problems. A regulatory agency might cut off her funding, plus her hubby hasn’t been seen in a few weeks, and she’s not saying why. Most ominous of all, it seems as though something’s hiding in the hot spring north of the main beach and one of Karen’s ‘houseguests’ is about to come face to face with evil. Tom is too.

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Not again: Stella In Stilettos by Jan Romes

The cover will pull a gal in, the office banter and the story will keep you turning pages. Whenever I want to feel good, I pick up one of this authors books, their “always” fun and puts me in a good mood. Stella works in the advertisement dept in a lingerie company, she’s so sick of handsome men, love them and leave them type. She’s really good at her job, so much so, she’s going for a higher position in the office. No one knows this office better than Stella. Everyone was a buzz about Alex Clay coming to their department to learn the ropes on his way up the ladder of the company. Stella has heard about pretty boy, she has no place for him in her life, head down and working, that’s the way it is. When Alex showed up of course the bimbo of the office chases him down, every office has one, mine’s name is Belinda “Arggg”. I knew the moment I saw Alex I was doomed!!! Need help-Now!!! Please read my story, it’s hilarious! Between me and my bestie Trisha, you’ll be entertained. The story is well written.

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Pre-order Links 

 Kristin Miller 
Mindy Klasky
Holly S. Roberts
Stephanie Rowe 
Diane Rinella 

 Kate Angell

website: www.kateangell.com 


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On the run: ” Secrets” by Darcia Helle

On the run: Secrets by Darcia Helle
This author is one of the best for describing violence in her books, I can only imagine the research she has done. Samantha grew up in a house full of unbelievable conditions. She had no one to trust, her father has done horrible things to her, her mother turned her back to her, so didn’t her brother. When she had the chance to leave, she fled for her life, she never looked back. Samantha had to make a new life, become a different person, she even believed in the person she’s portraying. She met Jeff and married well. Can she keep her secrets? Will her family leave her alone? Download a copy to find out, you’ll love this book. The characters seem so real, I fell for Sam and Jeff. This story has a surprise at the ending that blew me away.

A Late October Day


Poetry by Clive Johnson, author of The Dica Series

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This earth, that from the sun averts its gaze,
As if to say, “You have forsaken me,”
Gathers to its darkened face a sombre light
Of greys laid stark behind bare branches black.

Hollow caw the crows o’er cracked-brown fields,
No longer trod by ploughman’s laboured team,
Long gone its tinkling tack and wake of gulls,
As silent now as was its coulter’s scythe.

Beyond, upon a hill not far away,
Beneath a plait of smoke in heaven’s draw,
A glint of light lets stray a lamp’s allure
To lead my feet in search of heart’s desire.

Pale lichens hang from hawthorn, ash and oak,
As spectres lent the corners of my eyes
Where dark tales as told a child do lie,
Enough for hand to gather coat yet close.

Over stile, beside a brook, on I bear
As gurgling fall of water here tempts I
To wanton wishes of…

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