I’m going to miss these ladies!!

I’ve been with Steph, Tawny, Grace and Elaina from the start in Ohio at a jewelry shop where they all met. They were there to sell their wedding rings as two were getting divorces and one almost got married and one who lost her husband. They were all fed up with men, except one who was hurting. They all connected in the shop over Grace crying and went for drinks. From their first drink of wine together they formed a friendship that none of them knew they needed. As this is the final book in this series I’m reading it with a heavy heart knowing this is it for me and the four sassy chicks. They all moved in to Elaina’s big house together as they find they need each other. As they get to know each other sometimes things got messy. Tawny brought her dog to live with them, his name is stony. He becomes a blessing to all of them. At first he was a pain as he learned new rules, but they all loved him and he became a important part of their lives They form a club (wine and sweatpants) they get together for wine once a week. Elaina says ( not my circus not my monkeys). Well will see about that!
They are all different personalities that clash at times, laugh at times and cry at times. Their pasts in Ohio need to be left behind, Steph follows a guy to Maine only to call up crying to the girls that he’s a jerk. His family owned a bed a breakfast that’s up for sale. Elaina gets the bright idea to buy the place and have all four a part of it. It was a hard decision but they left there problems behind for a set of new ones in Maine.
Can their friendship survive the crazy move, new guys in their lives and all the craziness of owning a bed and breakfast. Read as they put their hearts out there again.
Every woman needs a friendship like these ladies have, you’d be lucky to form even one like this one between these beautiful women. They’re sassy, strong, creative, pain in butts at times to each other, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.
Come get to know them by reading this awesome series, you’ll love them to.

Coffee and Dessert (Meg).

Coffee and Dessert (Meg):
Megin and Kristina are best friends, they work at the same law firm as secretaries in Keywest Florida. They are different, Megin loves to run, she’s a great photographer and gets up every morning to catch gorgeous sunrise Key West is famous for. Kristina is getting married, Megin is her maid of honor, she doesn’t like to run, is sassy and witty, they both are. A quote from Kristina (Are there squirrels in you head battling it out for the last acorn).Things are about to go down at the firm. Megin’s boss mentions a coffee shop he says Megin should try out, It’s called “the coffee bar “and it’s a companion service also, that shocks Megin that her boss thinks she’s down because her bestie is getting married and she’s still looking, he’s like a father to her, but Megin Is happy for Kristina. Kristina hears about the coffee bar and insists they try it out. The owner Riley see them walk through the door and is interested in their conversation. The sassy funny duo has his attention. Megins life is about to turn upside down, with the help of friends and family she’ll pull through, or will she.
I was surprised at the ending, didn’t expect what or who is a big player in the outcome. I adored this story!! I love how Jan’s stories make me feel, they’re a great distraction to everyday life.

New Release: “Tissue Of Truth” poetry and short stories by Clive Johnson


Here you’ll find twenty two of what I refer to as my “Proper poems”, those longer and classically structured works that evoke a time when the demands and rigours of poetry made it something special. Following on from these are a selection of my verse tweets from my social media presence: forty seven variously humorous, pointed, poignant, downright silly, but invariably multilayered and always thoughtful verses in less than a hundred and forty characters—a master class in concision.

This volume, Tissue of Truths, then concludes with three of my short stories, one a prelude to my Dica series of speculative fiction novels, one a reminiscence from my own childhood days, and one a ghostly tale set in the Yorkshire Dales.

New Release! Charred Snake For Two by Jan Romes @janRomes


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\outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Unable to get her head and heart back on track after her marriage crumbled, Alexandra Henry signed up to take part in an expensive, radical self-help, self-esteem program that would put her on a secluded island for seven days with someone just as broken. Together they would team-up to survive, renew trust in the opposite sex, and grow mentally stronger through candid conversation, while taking on nature at the same time.\
Expecting someone tired and downtrodden, Alexandra was shocked when they delivered energetic, dark-haired, cocky, Adonis – Carson Jack.\
How could someone like him know about heartache? Hope fizzled on the spot. She wouldn’t come out of the experience any better than when she went in. Or would she?\

The link between now and then: The Forbear’s Candle by Master Story Teller Clive Johnson


I’ve read all this author’s books, loved everyone of them.
This book came alive in my hands, it has everything that draws me in. Definitely this author’s best work yet!!! Characters I won’t soon forget, they became so real to me.
This author has a way with words no matter what he writes. This book shows his love of his country side of England, with all its rich history, historic churches, green grass hillsides and rocky seasides. His description bringing alive to me a place I’ll never see with my own eyes through Colin & Kate and Jusuf. The fifteenth-century Cornwall and twenteith-century North West meet through Colin and Jusuf. You won’t believe how they are joined as one unless you read this book. Kate, Colin’s girlfriend is helping Colin figure out what’s going on in his head. When the mystery piece is revealed, I’m blown away!!! I never expected this! I had a great time reading their story, you will to, I promise!!!
My favorite line: “There are always sacrifices to be made for the furtherance of science.”
Talk about a page turner!

A journey of the unknown: Beyond Ever Blue Skies by Clive Johnson


Mr.Johnson imagination never ceases to amaze me with the worlds he creates and writes about. This book has it all, dystopia, intrigue, romance, sci-fi and mystery. Mr.Johnson does all his own artwork for his books, one of many hats this author wears ( the cover is one of his pieces)You have to have strong protagonists, this author gets into your heart and mind, they’re creative characters with different outlooks on life. His worlds are very descriptive, easy to visualize. Get ready for a trip to ” The Promised Land”. Not your regular sci-fi story. Take the journey into ever blue skies. Morgan and Stephanie won’t disappoint!

HorrorStruck Novella One: The Conversationalist by Justin Bog #Review


I found this quote for this book: “Everything you can imagine is real”.

This new revamp of this book is very evident. The author totally rocked the cover, it says so much on its own. The stories I’ve read in the first edition were good, but you can tell the author revisited his story and tweaked them. The characters get inside your head because it’s not hard to imagine their story. My feelings were all over the place with Patrick’s story, so many people can relate with him on trust issues.
The last story is new to me, “The Night” The author scared the daylight out of me with this one! A child’s imagination makes for a great read, or is it Anna’s imagination? A big house with creaky floorboards, a child crying wolf all the time. Now Anna’s faced with a decision to run to her father and tell him of her suspicion or let her family be stabbed to death. It’s a very well written book that you’ll enjoy reading because everyone has something in common with the characters.