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Easter series: Verse 9

#poetry via Beauty in Broken Things

Beauty in broken things

Photo credit: Nathan T. Baker


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War Wounds

#poetry #photography Via The Midnight writer, Ben Ditmars, @Helle_Gade

The Midnight Writer

she speaks war wounds
from a flame, sobbing wine stains:
death-defying light,
a sudden mist of silver lining
bent on superstition.

frozen in the stratosphere;
your trust a heavy breeze
of free electrons, charging
atmospheres we left behind.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


Photograph Courtesy of Helle Gade

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#Dark poetry via hocuspocus13✨✨👏


Rosie H Darka sorcerers whip

triangle made within the circle

eastern side strewn about 2 handfuls vervain

silver coin wrapped in parchment cast to the spirits

my hands
my desires
my entire being

favor is the dark forces
seized with terror
demand whatever payment

pierced by needles
burned by flames
bitten by the rattlesnake

relinquish the grasp upon my body
relax the clutch upon my heart
desert the regions of my soul

return them to their own free will ♦

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Keys-8I wear a skeleton key a proctective amulet on a silver chain close to my heart…a mystery…begging to be unlocked…but my heart will not be easy to crack!

behold it still works…

a bit of iron rust due to age it’s from the late 1800s and designed to open up the locked door

enchanted jewelry is the skeleton key
endowed with a special kind of magick
it will reveal the mysteries unknown

to open the door of knowledge to yourself

remove blockages to your goals in life

unleash the keys gateway of positive energy

spell upon your skeleton key

1 key for each intention
1 key for each person

take the skeleton key in your hands and concentrate on the intention and the individual it is for

now…you may have to do some shopping around until you locate that special key and feel all its energy passed…

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