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The Ultimate Seduction: “Seditious” The Light Bearer Series by Emily Guido

Family that fights together:” Seditious”by Emily Guido (Seduction at its finest).
First of all let me say how excited I was to be reading “The Light Bearer Series again, this is the fourth book. I love this series because it’s about “Family” wether it be real family or close friends, if you live at castle Charmeine your family. We are introduced to Bathsheba in this book, she’s has been seducing Tabbruis and Dimitri for centuries with her alluring looks. I love the name Charmeine gave Bathsheba (bath bitch, LOL).They thought she was dead, until her visit to castle Charmeine. What Tibbruis and Dimitri do when they see her just about destroys their families. I was really angry with them. Percival and Athena, Dimitri and Hera’s children are growing up, the family are wondering what kind of powers they have. The family need every ounce of power between them to beat the demon that’s after Charmeine and baby Hunter. The Queen wants the BloodHunters and light bearers to come together to run the Elder Counsel and the prison. Can this be done? Shane proves how awesome his power is and Sandra is right by his side. Full of kick butt, power throwing light bearers and BloodHunters. I’m impressed with this series, the author does a awesome job from one book to the next by keeping her characters and the plot moving. These characters have become part of me while reading and I don’t want them to leave my head. I find myself fighting along side them, cheering them on. I get mad, sad, happy, anxious to turn the page. I definitely recommend this series!!

Nocturnal Embers won an #award.

So proud of Helle and her awesome AWARD winning Nocturnal Embers!!👏👏

Helle Gade

I am happy and honored to announce that my poetry collection Nocturnal Embers won

Best Poetry in the 2014 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards!



Thank you to the person that nominated my book. I do not know who you are but I really appreciate it!

I also want to thank everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to go and vote for my book.

You guys rock!



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My review of Razor’s Edge by David Leadbeater ( part of the Hot Box Set)

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, I will be reading more! Awesome!
Trent, Silk and Radford worked for the government, until it turned on them and they don’t see why. It’s not stopping them from doing what they do best, bringing people down. When Monika Sobieski is kidnapped from NetherWorld ( A nightclub she works at) the Razor Edge is called in to help. Anna, Monika’s friend and coworker seen it all happen. They are working at the club to get enough money to leave Las Vegas behind and start a new life with their children. The police don’t care about “women” like them. Can the razor’s Edge bring down the MMA fighter that brought this all on. Read this book to find out.

My review of ” Just One Look by Harlan CoBen

Awesome read, a little confusing at first, but that’s what kept me reading. There’s many characters involved, sorting everything out is what reading a good story is all about. CoBen doesn’t disappoint, this is nonstop action on all the characters parts. I love the way he has the women being the strong ones. The one character doing the majority of inflicting pain, I’d run from him to. I recommend this book.