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My review of Double The Sin by Charity Parkerson

I read this awesome short in Charities Lust & Longing book. Annie thinks Adio left her for good, one night she’s in Walmart and see Adio and thinks she’s seeing things. One of the ladies stocking shelves lets her know he’s real, because he’s gorgeous. Annie doesn’t want anything to do with him. She leaves and Adio is left wondering what to do. The stock lady speaks up once again, ” go after her, you can’t kiss someone the way you did if there wasn’t something there”. Find out by downloading this awesome short story what happens with Adio and Annie. You don’t want to miss this it’s one of my favorite short. You can find all Charities books at, Smashwords, Punk & Sissy Publications, B&N. thank you for sharing your stories with us.

My review Of Ghost and Dreams by Charity Parkerson

I read this short erotic steamy short in Chariteis Lust & Longing. Raven is having extremley sensual dreams of this man even though she’s married. Only one thing, something always wakes her and she’s left frustrated. Raven has no idea why or who she’s dreaming about. Lucien will make sure she knows. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You can find Charities other books on, Punk & Sissy Publication, Smashwords, B&N.

My review of Lust & Longing by Charity Parkerson

This is the work of ten short stories of charities all in one book, cool right. I’ve read 4 of them already. One I didn’t read was Sarah’s Dirty Little Secrets, a lusty little short. Services Rendered was really adorable, little green leprechaun, love it. Double The Sin was my Favorite, shape shifting, erotica at its finest, loved Annie and Adio. Great job as usual Charity. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You can find charities awesome reads at, punk&Sissy Publication, Smashwords, B&N.

My review of Blue CheeseCake by Charity Parkerson

If you want a little cheesecake and a little erotica with sci-fi mixed in, this tail is for you. A short read but humorous  and sexy as only Charity could write. I always enjoy her books, my iPad is full of  them. Would I recommend her? YES! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N are just a few places to get her reads. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

My review of Deception In Savannah by Charles Dougherty

This story has crime, mistresses, humor, mob bosses, deception and intrigue all set in beautiful Savannah. The characters are tourist who come because of the book, It was written on the ghost of old Savannah. Then there’s the Northeners who want to live there because of the land. Then there’s those whom lived there all their lives trying to keep their beautiful Savannah culture alive. Come read how the town people try to do that. This story is well written and I would recommend this author and all 8 of his reads. Thank you Charles for sharing your talent with us. is where you can get Charles books.

My review of The Tree In My Front Yard by Kimberly Biller

This is a fiction book. The author Kimberly Biller writes of a girl named sissy that sits up in a tree in her front yard, her favorite place to be. Sissy tells us about what she sees up in that tree. I had a ball reading this, it’s so funny. The words are meant to be just how there written, because sissy is from the south. Please read this book it’s a good time. Look for this author on Smashwords and Amazon. Kimberley had a few more books out. I wouldn’t hesitate reading them after this book. Thank you for sharing Kimberley.