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“Mine” by Regina Puckett

“Mine” by Regina Puckett
Alle had no idea James would take her ghost hunting at the mental facility on their first date, she bought new shoes, did her hair and dressed for a movie,maybe. They meet a bunch of James friends at the hospital.When they got there they pared off into groups of two and began exploring all the different buildings. Alle held onto James shirt to stay together, until she turned around to see what a noise was and James was gone when she turned back around. She wasn’t scared at first…enough said, you really need to download the book to read the rest. You won’t be disappointed. Short story, but twist and turns you don’t expect.

Confronting The Demon by Ciara Ballintyne This is my first time reading reading a book by this author, I Will be reading more. Alloran used to live very comfortably inside the Citadel, a place where wizards, sorcerers and other magical entities lived. He’s forced to live in the dirtiest place down by the docks because his best friend turned demon and brought a demon into the citadel. Because Alloran made a huge mistake and summoned the first demon imp, they thought it was he who brought this one who killed inside the citadel. Alloran left the citadel to keep the demon from killing anyone one else especially Gisayne one of the top wizards daughter who Alloran had deep feelings for. His friend Ladanyon is trying to best him in wizardry because of the demon in him, he’s killing all who has anything to do with Alloran, lovers from his past, friends, other wizards. Every demon that’s summoned is stronger than the last. Hellcats from centuries back that tear you apart from your insides out to imps that are hard to kill. Alloran must stop them all. Will he be able and willing to go back to that scary part of his life and kill his best friend Ladanyon to save his friends. Download your copy now and find out. This author doesn’t disappoint. It’s very well written and keeps your attention from page to page. It’s not for the squeamish.

The Last True World

I love reading Clive Johnson’s books. There’s no other author like him. His books are poetic works of art. This is the third book in this series. We meet new characters trying to help Dica, and the old friends I’ve come to love. They don’t like the paths they have to take. They go beyond the realm of Dica in search of answers and ideas. I found this a little sad, but it all works out in the end. I don’t think Clives books are for everyone. They are meant to be read slow as to take in the sweet words he writes. Everyone of his books seamlessly flow into one another. Take a look at the maps he has drawn for this series as they help you understand the Dica realm better. If you love to read about centuries past, then go download this beautiful series.

“Crazy Little Thing Called Lust” by Serena Akeroyd ( second book in this series). Each one gets more lustful!

This is the second book in this series. Zane is more complicated than Simone thought, but she can’t get him out of her head. It might have something to do with all the messages that he’s been leaving her. She really doesn’t want anything to do with him again. The hurt was still raw after finding out his humongous secret. Eddie and Marina said maybe its not as cut and dry as you think, maybe his situation isn’t all you believe it to be. Simone is very frustrated. Her boss calls her in for a late night cleaning job. She has instructions to wait till the owner comes home before she leaves. This isn’t normally done, so Simone doesn’t know what to expect. From there things change drastically for Simone. This second book is much more sensual than the first, awesome steamy read. Congratulations to the Author on her second book release.

Dark, mysterious! Velvet Rain by David Cassidy

I usually don’t read many thrillers, I heard a lot about this book and the cover drew me in. Kain is a man with dark secrets, he moves from town to town because he doesn’t want people to get to know him. It seems where ever he goes there’s trouble. He’s got that dark mysterious look about him and tries to stay out of trouble. From the first page you know that’s not going to happen. The author goes to the very dark side of humanity and describes it in such detail that I sometimes had to look up and make sure I was alone! Spooky! If your one to have nightmares, this book will give you one. Read at your own risk! Very intense, well written and darn good. David Cassidy is one author that makes your neck hair stand up. Stephen King move over, there’s a new thriller author in town!