A Great Series Ended: StarMaker Stella ( sixth book in this series) by Clive Johnson

A Great series ENDED: StarMaker Stella ( Sixth novel in The Realm of Dica) by Clive Johnson

I weft and weaved my way through Clive Johnson’s The Realm of Dica series. It’s a craft he’s perfected throughout this whole series, his prose is mystical, poetic to say the least. His characters will stay with me, as they’ve become part of my thoughts, always wondering what their up to next. I’ve got to know these people and will miss them very much. Geran and Falmeard’s love story, Precinda’s story, Nephril’s story and one of my favorite, Stella’s story. Every book calls your attention from the start with Clive’s book covers, he’s a great artists, from his maps to his drawings and his cover art. In this book Stella needs to know why she feels different from others, she’s never felt part of the realm of Dica. She is a star maker but doesn’t feel that’s what she should be doing. Stella is a strong willed young lady, she comes from Geran & Falmeard after all, Precinda “is” her aunt. Stella’s journey isn’t just about her, it’s about the Dica Realm and all it’s people. Will Stella find what she’s looking for, will she find herself and be happy? I’ve enjoyed being part of this Realm, watching the characters grow. What a brilliant mind the author has. Bye Dica!!!šŸ˜žšŸ˜ž May peace be with you all.