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There’s always a price to pay: ” Miami Snow” by Darcia Helle

There’s always a price to pay: “Miami Snow” by Darcia Helle

Nick had it all, great house, job, wife and a baby on the way. The dream of most people. Then his world is rocked by his wife and best friend Jimmy. He’s divorced, without a job or a place to live. Nick moves away to start a new life. He meets Brandy, she’s younger and beautiful, makes him happy, she’s nothing like his wife Shelly. The things you learn from divorce. Shelly once again is trying to ruin his life. Brandy may be pushing her luck to trying to get Nick to sell Miami Snow with her, saying just until they pay a few bills, just this once she says? Will Nicks life ever be ” Normal” again?

A Sixties-Wild-Child


Regina Puckett

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A Sixties-Wild-Child

Regina Puckett

Inside there’s a sixties-wild-child trying to get out

She’s hidden behind wrinkles, gray hair and doubt

She wants to laugh at nothing, run wild and free

She wants to sing, dance, and to hug every tree

She wants peace on earth and flowers tucked in her hair

She wants songs blowing in the wind and miniskirts to wear

She wants to be forever young at heart and to want without guilt

She wants to love at any cost, live life to the fullest and to its hilt

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Everyone needs help sometime:” Adam: My Guardian Angel” by Marcia Carrington

Nancy is having a hard time at work and life, she doesn’t know what to do about it. She feels all alone in the world. At work she had a bully that lied and her boss gave the bully the promotion she was going after. Her fiancé left her for another woman, said some awful things before he left. She goes to the beach ready to end her life, not for the first time. She meets Adam, can one person make a difference in ones life? Download this short inspiring story to find out. It well written and Nancy goes to the beach and meets a handsome guy, what else could you want.

Finding ones self: “Fortune Calling”( The Story of Dallas Fortune) by Hunter S Jones

There are stars mentioned in this book, can’t name them, you have to read to find out. Dallas loves playing the guitar, but she really good at playing the mandolin, hers is called, La Belle Dame Bleu. She is in a band traveling with a really big star. Dallas meets a handsome well known country singer. Dallas is not into the glitz and glamour, she just loves playing, but the dude she meets spends like a star and lives like one. Dallas is in and out with this dude, she thinks she’s in love, maybe she is. Dallas has a accident and goes back to her home town to mend. Is it the hurt wrist or her she’s trying to mend? They say it’ll take two years to heal, this means her career is over? Dallas is driving through her town in the rain and sees a fortune teller sign, does she go in? Will she believe what’s said if she does? It’s all here for you to read, download and find out Dallas’s fate. It’s easy to read when it’s a well written book. This is a short story and I can’t wait to read more about Dallas.

Fate will catch up:” Gunslinger Greed” by Mark Stone

This is “not” a book for the queasy stomach. Earl Claudius Wade was saved from hanging, he killed a hooker that made him feel bad, or was he saved? He ran for the Black Hills after he seen what his father done to his wife, sweet Mary and his mother. He had a posse after him, will he escape their wrath? He was hiding out in a abandoned cabin with his friend, he doesn’t know if the friend is real or not. With the stuff this man has been through, his friend could be his imagination. The plot of this book is horrific, by that I mean what’s happening in the story, gory, bloody, to say the least, somehow I couldn’t put the book down. All I can say is this author has one awesome imagination. I’ve never read anything so gory before. Download your copy to find out Earls plight.

Everybody Needs someone: I Will Breathe by Regina Puckett

This author wrote a different genre with this book, steampunk, futuristic. I’m glad she did, I loved it. It’s a look at what the future could be after a Great War. Cities abandoned because of no food, buildings abandoned left just as the were. It was eight hundred years ago the Great War happened, not in Liberties lifetime. It’s safer to stay in the air than be on the ground. Liberty does make ground stops when she really has to. Download this short story to find out what she encounters during her ground stops. I would love to tell you, that would be wrong. This is a very well written short story, what I like is the epilogue, goes on with what humanity can do in the face of adversity.

Busted: “Falling For Cindy Fellars” By Regina Puckett

It took me one shot to read this short story, I made one status update and went right back to reading. I was going to clean a little then return to read again, but I had to know what Andrew wanted to know. What happened to her parents? Why is she being a mother to her twin sisters? You see, Cindy was walking through the university parking lot in the evening heading to her car when she sees a shoe, she usually wouldn’t pick a shoe up, this one looked expensive, she picked it up then heard something. She wanted to ignore it, she couldn’t, she saw two men beating a third man up, she ran toward them with mace in her hands, one man ran, the other she sprayed. The man went down, she called 911 and stayed with the man that was hurt until they came. The man she sprayed tried to get up and she kicked him back down. Cindy went to the hospital the next day with the twins to give the shoe back to its owner. When she saw Andrew and how nice looking he was she was more than happy she did what she did to help him. He still needed her help because he didn’t have a way to leave the hospital, the crooks took his wallet, for some reason his friends were busy, he couldn’t take a cab. Cindy invited him to lunch with her and the twins. He really wanted to pay her back for her generosity. Download this awesome short story to find out if Andrew gets to know Cindy and the twins. You’ll love this story.