Looks aren’t everything: The Fixer Upper by Anne Conley

Looks aren’t everything: The Fixer Upper by Anne Conley
Reality shows are the big thing now, I’m not into them. I’ve read from this author before, loved her work, so I gave this book a chance, so glad I did. Margaret is almost forty, divorced, OCD, works as a account and set in her ways. James a out of work reality chef, who’s agent wants him to host a reality fixer upper show because of his persona for dating models and dropping them for the next skirt that comes along. James didn’t want to do the show, but money, paying rent and finding out he has a twelve year old daughter didn’t give him much of a choice. Margaret’s mom is always trying to fix her up with someone, she agrees to do the show because her mom said she’d leave her alone. She has no idea what she’s in for! James storms into her life, she thinks he’s arrogant, obnoxious and handsome as heck. James thinks Margaret is cold, OCD and gorgeous. He’s there to change just about everything in Margaret’s life, from her wardrobe to her decor in her little house, to the way she attracts men. All this isn’t going over so well with Margaret. Well written with strong characters I’m sure you will enjoy this story. Can to strong personalities get along enough to do a show neither really want to do? Download your copy to find out.