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Kim’s review of Brianna The Ballet Fairy

Kim Stapf‘s review

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What a sweet read. Brianna is a happy little fairy going to show the queen how she can fly and dance until she comes across a pixie. Will she get along with the pixie and make it to show the queen how she can fly. Read this absolutely adorable, colorful story to find out..I totally recommend this for your child. It’s sweet.


Dionne Lister - Author

Vacuum the hall with the Dyson cleaner, fa la la la la la, la la la la, tis the time to try and get leaner, fa la la la la, la la la la. So that was Christmas. Did I enjoy the leap from pre-Christmas to after Christmas? Well, read on and find out. Christmas Eve started with the line for the seafood—an Aussie thing as it’s hot here at Christmas. My thirty minutes in the line wasn’t so bad, though, as I had my iPod and Twitter to keep me amused. I don’t think I bothered anyone too much with my dance moves, well not until I smacked the guy in front of me with a flailing arm at which point one of the bouncers on the door gave me a warning (ok, I might be exaggerating just a little, but there were bouncers, hence the need for me…

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My review of Haiku in the Night

Ben never ceases to amaze me. I’ve read his poetry and he writes with heart and soul. In Haiku in the night he does this with few words, quick but powerful. Don’t miss this Haiku poetry.

Entangled Dreams

I’ve read two other stories from this author and once again she doesn’t disappoint. This book has to be my favorite because Cameron has come through a teenaged nightmare e and is a better person because of it. He lost his father and takes care of his mother. He meets Alexandra who lived a fairy tale life till her mother dies and she losses her father to alcohol  and her stepmother and stepsisters don’t care wether she’s there or not. She lived between friends all through school, dated Johnathon through it all and got a apartment with him after graduation. She’s waitressing one night and meets Cameron who sticks up for her when his buddy is rude. Go buy or download this book to see what happens between these two if anything does. The author has little surprises from other books in all her reads, what a treat. I love all this authors books. Romance, faith, love is what she’s all about.