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Creativity among the pages! My review of “Savage Rose” by Helle Gade

This author is rocking the poetry world with her Third work of art! Literally! The cover draws you in from the start. From her first words you can’t help but want more, I like the length of the books as it gives you just enough to keep you wanting another from this author. Every book she gives her heart and soul, always leaving everything she’s got in her. You see that in every poem, taste the words, feel the pain and the love she has for friends and family. The photography tells the same story as she painstakingly picks a picture that she herself shot to go with her beautiful words. This poet isn’t afraid of telling her story, of letting us into her world,in her realm of creativity with words and pictures she tells her story. I personally can’t get enough of her work. I totally recommend the beautiful souls work to anyone!

Introducing “Savage Rose” by My Friend Helle Gade

I have the pleasure of having “Savage Rose” The Third Poetry book by my dear friend Helle Gade on my blog. “Clapping hands” You will to once you sink your mind around this awesome book.

Grief, love, pain, imagination and appreciation for the little things in life. Those are some of the topics the author embraces in this poetry collection, mixed with photo art to enhance the feel of the poetry.

Hi, my name is Helle and I’m from Denmark.

I first started writing in 2011 when all the action in my head got too much, and writing became an outlet. It wasn’t until October 2012 I wrote my first poem ever. Four months later, I published my first poetry collection “Silent Dreams”, which readers have greeted very positively. When I’m not writing, I take pictures and stuff myself with chocolate.

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My review of Dream On by Terry Tyler

This book resonates with reality, it hits everyone in one way or another. Dave’s dream is to become a rock star, it’s been that way his whole life, but life gets in the way sometimes and we have to make choices. Dave played in bars and clubs in his early days, meeting girls and playing the field. He meets Janice after his girlfriend Allison drops him to move to Europe. Janice gets pregnant and Dave’s life is about to change, or is it. His son Harley is born. Will Dave keep playing gigs and shooting for stardom, hanging with his buddies or become a live in dad and Husband. The choices we have to make in life aren’t easy ones. Download this book and find out what Dave does. It’s a great story! 

My review of Promise Cove ( A Pelican Pointe Novel) by Vickie McKeehan

It deserves more than five stars. This was on my kindle for awhile, I’m so glad I choose this to read .Mrs. McKeehan writes of captain Scott Philips talking non stop to Lieutenant Nick Harris about his wife Jordan and baby Hutton and their Victorian house they are restoring to be a bed and breakfast. They are in Baghdad riding in a humvee after Scott gets called to duty. Nick doesn’t know how Scott can be so happy living that life style, but he listens because Scott is his buddy. Their brigade gets hit and Scott dies and Nick almost dies. Nick is being haunted by Scott to go to Jordan and Hutton and take care of them, to see if everything is ok with them. Nick can’t bring himself to do this because he thinks it’s his fault that he didn’t save Scott . He made a promise to Scott that he’d check up on his Jordan and Hutton. He had no idea he would have to do it for real. Nick was a ladies man in LA where he lived, in no way can he see himself doing what Scott asked. He keeps having bad dreams and night sweats, he just can’t get settled into civilian life. He gets on his Harley and drives. Will Nick keep his word and check up on Jordan, or just keep riding to try and find himself again. Download this awesome book and find out. There’s so much more you need to know, go hit that button. It had my emotions all over the place.

#PoetryWeek Starts Tomorrow

It’s poetry week, A Life Among The Pages is featuring awesome poets. Please stop by and check them out. If you haven’t read poetry before, these are great authors to try. See you there.

A Life Among The Pages

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Tomorrow, and for the week after, is POETRY WEEK here on A Life Among the Pages. What is poetry week, might you ask? Well it’s simple. It’ll be a week in which I turn the blog over to fellow poets to share their original poems, views on poetry, and some great books to check out.

As most people know, poetry doesn’t get the attention that some other forms of writing should. I don’t think that this event will change that in world-shattering way, but I do hope for some of you out there to possibly give poetry a chance if you haven’t before, or to revisit some poets you might have read in the past. There’s a world of great words out there, and it’s just waiting to be discovered!

Below is a full list of the poets who’ll be featured this week. I hope you’ll all follow along as…

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