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My review of “Up Close And Dangerous” by Linda Howard

Bailey Wingate is in charge of her step children’s trust funds, their father married her and died a year later. Their very spoiled kids that Hate her, if that’s not enough when she goes on vacation she uses the Wingate’s company pilot and plane, she doesn’t have her usual pilot Bret. Bret gets sick and his partner Cam Justice is called in to fly Bailey. Cam is a tall sexy Texan that doesn’t care for Bailey, he thinks she’s a ice princess. The plane goes down over the mountains, Cam manages to fly them into trees so they don’t crash into the mountains. It’s cold, very cold. Cam and Bailey need to survive until they are rescued, their cut off from the world. Can they survive each other and make it back to civilization? You’ll find out when you read this book, it’s really a great story. The ending really surprised me.

So Lovely So Free

Sweet picture with sweet words, had to repost!

Connecting Beyond

So lovely so free
If only you and me
would just comprehend
We too would see
we are lovely so free
just like this you do see.
07 20 14_9346Photography/Poem 2014©AmyRose
(Yes, this image is ONE of many from yesterday’s shoot at Glen Falls.)

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