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Secret Darkness

👏✨ Via Ben Ditmars

The Midnight Writer

We are humbled, we are wrong
the weight of suns bear down
on us, thy hands be still
stones and coals of fire
secret darkness;
it is well, it is well
with my heart.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


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Unfinished business: Mystical High by Lisette Brodey

Unfinished business: Mystical High by Lisette Brody

Jessie Dalworth lives in Mystekal with her father and brother River. Her mom left them and ran away to LA, because Mystekal wasn’t enough for her. The small town has very little people in it, it’s like a ghost town. She and River go to Mystekal high school, a very small population of seventy five students, The school is very old, it’s principal Mr. Carrow is the meanest principal, he owns a lot of property in town. His money is what keeps the school open. Jessie could never make it without her best friend Jinxsy. They both have family problems on their minds, if that’s not enough Jinxsy started seeing a long haired boy with a black leather jacket hanging around school. Jessie has never seen this boy, River has seen him to. Jessie doesn’t know how she could’ve missed him, there’s not many kids in Mystekal high. Then there’s Taylor, the schools princess, at least that’s what she thinks. Taylor is always bulling Jessie about her mom and everything else possible, Jinxsy always sticks up for her, not that she needs it. Where in a school with possible ghosts, in a small desert town, with a mean principle, a mean girl. What could happen??

A Great Series Ended: StarMaker Stella ( sixth book in this series) by Clive Johnson

A Great series ENDED: StarMaker Stella ( Sixth novel in The Realm of Dica) by Clive Johnson

I weft and weaved my way through Clive Johnson’s The Realm of Dica series. It’s a craft he’s perfected throughout this whole series, his prose is mystical, poetic to say the least. His characters will stay with me, as they’ve become part of my thoughts, always wondering what their up to next. I’ve got to know these people and will miss them very much. Geran and Falmeard’s love story, Precinda’s story, Nephril’s story and one of my favorite, Stella’s story. Every book calls your attention from the start with Clive’s book covers, he’s a great artists, from his maps to his drawings and his cover art. In this book Stella needs to know why she feels different from others, she’s never felt part of the realm of Dica. She is a star maker but doesn’t feel that’s what she should be doing. Stella is a strong willed young lady, she comes from Geran & Falmeard after all, Precinda “is” her aunt. Stella’s journey isn’t just about her, it’s about the Dica Realm and all it’s people. Will Stella find what she’s looking for, will she find herself and be happy? I’ve enjoyed being part of this Realm, watching the characters grow. What a brilliant mind the author has. Bye Dica!!!😞😞 May peace be with you all.

A look inside: Tilting A Windmill & Words by Regina Puckett

This author puts pen to paper and writes about life, bullying, loneliness, love, children and dreams. I don’t know how she does it but, I really enjoy her poems. They resonate with all parts of life. Joy fills some pages, while tears can be found also. “The Walk” is one of my favorite, she speaks to children in “Children”. It’s not deep poetry, it’s satisfying. Download your copy today.

A Peek: Forsaken (Beyond The Veil) by Michael Radcliffe

This short story is a look into the world of Nisha, a witch. Her father, a powerful wizard is dying, someone put a spell on him. Can she find a way to save her father? She heads to the library to read through it’s many books. While there she hears a whisper telling her about a possible way to save her father. Does she listen to this voice? I’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the real story “The Guardians Apprentice”. Yes, this short story worked, I must read more…

Last words: The Privileged Ones by C.R.Hiatt

I’ll never forget Sydney hearing and seeing her moms murder on tv in the cafe. She couldn’t stop thinking about their last words spoken together. Anna McSwain was gunned down, She ran McSwain Investigations. I’m glad I read this book, it tells of Sydney’s relationship with her mom. I’ve read the series:” Gone At Zero Hundred 00.00″ and Fireworks On The 4th. I got tears in my eyes for Sydney, she is devastated. Sydney also doesn’t give up, she wants to find the killer. Download this series now!!!