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A good mix: Falling by Regina Puckett

This is the Awesome cover!!

This is the Awesome cover!!

Let me just say; I think this was one of this authors best poetry books yet!
There’s a good mix of poetry, some on relationships, dreams and weather. The other side, abuse of adults and children, this author touched sensitive subjects in this book. It gets you thinking and feeling, that’s what poetry is all about. One line that is a favorite of mine; Still Stand so I can feel your heart
Where each beat will design my soul’s art.
Just a taste of what you’ll read in this awesome book. This author uses poetry to write about life. Download yours now to get a taste of what I think is her best work yet.

Everyone needs help sometime:” Adam: My Guardian Angel” by Marcia Carrington

Nancy is having a hard time at work and life, she doesn’t know what to do about it. She feels all alone in the world. At work she had a bully that lied and her boss gave the bully the promotion she was going after. Her fiancé left her for another woman, said some awful things before he left. She goes to the beach ready to end her life, not for the first time. She meets Adam, can one person make a difference in ones life? Download this short inspiring story to find out. It well written and Nancy goes to the beach and meets a handsome guy, what else could you want.

My Review of Works out by Sydney S Song ( aka Cynthia Myers Hanson

Two friends meeting for coffee talking about working experiences through life. The boys who won’t let a woman get ahead in a mans world of technology. The woman who gives them a run for their jobs. You need someone in life like these two friends. They share their wins and losses of life and life’s traveled roads. Nice read and very well edited. Great read for anyone.

A look at a writers life and his women friends. PASSION by Kevin Swarbrick


This is a story rewrite of two of this authors first books, Louie Has Landed The Early Days and the Second Encounter. It’s a story of the author and the relationships he’s had with women. It’s full of love and deception at its highest level. The feelings he had  for these ladies and what they put him through was intense enough to wanna write a story. I can’t imagine what he was feeling reliving it through words written for everyone to read. I’m sure it was his outlet as it is for most authors. After going through a up and down relationship that was abusive at times, you have a hard time trusting people. Mark meets Sarah at a pub he was at with his friend, he thought she’s was beautiful. He couldn’t help but look her way every now and then. There eyes caught and Sarah walked over to Mark and there banter between them was a hit from the beginning. They exchanged numbers and texted. Mark couldn’t keep his excitement about Sarah to himself. His friends reminded him what he just went through and to take it slow with Sarah. Will Mark listen, find out by downloading your copy today. While I found the story very intriguing and full of fun, crazy at times and couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what’s happening next, I could only give it 4 stars because it has editing issues. That didn’t take away any of my pleasure while reading this awesome story. Thank you Kevin for sharing what was a hard but true life for you with all of us. I would recommend this read to anyone who likes  a fun at times sad, crazy kind of read.

Rocks you to your core!! Nocturnal Ember by Helle Gade

I knew this author was one to look out for, I was right. Her first poetry book(Silent Dreams) touched my heart and soul, I could feel her words. Nocturnal Embers is even better. The cover pulls you in first, then her poems of pain, seasons, innocence of children and dreams rock you to your core.The dreams that pull at your head and heart written for all to feel. The photography was a great surprise, when you look at the photos after reading the poems you can see her words in them. The author took those photos! Not many words on the page, but powerful enough to feel her message. I have total respect for this author showing and sharing her inner pain. Some of my favorite poems are, ( Writing) this poem reminds me of all my author friends and how they make us readers feel. Memories, just beautiful. Child’s soul, a reminder of our childhood and us now. Helle sticks to her roots of Nordic mythology throughout the book. Please hit that button, if you don’t you will never feel her words. Thank you Helle for sharing your beautiful words with us. I would totally recommend the author to anyone who likes to feel what they read in a poem.Image

My review of Broken Pieces by Rachel Thompson

This must have been hard for the author to write. I have complete respect for for Rachel for letting us be apart of it. She tells of the most troubling times and the sweetest. Some told in story some told in poems. If your not one for the truth as this author writes, then this book isn’t for you. If you need to find piece in your own life, download and read this book. It’s well written and just may be what you needed. Thank you for sharing your story Rachel. You can find Rachel’s books on Amazon.com, Smashwords, B&N .