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For 10 days, Badass Book Society is running their quarterly contest to give a 1-year membership to a Badass Author. This also serves to announce two new programs they will be implementing; inclusion in the quarterly Badass Sampler Anthologies and a new book-specific audio/visual short ‘podcast’ that will help promote each book the author has and will be shared and marketed to national media programmers.

During the running time of the contest, the normal application process is suspended and anyone is eligible for membership. Also, anyone who wants to purchase a membership now is automatically entered in the drawing to have their next year’s membership fee waived. (If you chose to purchase membership now and be entered in the drawing for a 2-for-1 opportunity, do so on the Google Form at )

Nominate yourself or your favorite Indie Author for a chance to win a 1-year membership to Badass Book Society.

What Do They Get?

A Badass Author Page listing their bio, author photo/headshot, linked to their website, blog and social media portals. Book covers are also shown, split into series if applicable.
A page for each book showing the cover, the description, Goodreads link as well as purchase links for the retailers including Amazon, Audible, B&N, iTunes, Kobo and any others.
Each book listed on the Badass Book Page as well as the author’s page.
12 months of random social media posts promoting each book as well as them as an author
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Opportunity to appear on Badass Books ‘n’ Booze – an author specific podcast or Badass Pub – the indie publishing & writing podcast.

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Title: A Shit Storm

Series: Six Silver Strings E String Set

Author: Lisa Gillis

Editor: Pedantic Punctuator

Page Count: 328 pages

Genre: New Adult – Rock Romance

Published: March 13, 2015

A Shit Storm Cover

Goodreads A Shit Storm

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Tristan Loren is the first to admit he’s lived a privileged life.
However, the top schools, the best games and phones and cars, the finest of whatever his heart desired has come with strangers yelling for his attention and camera flashes in his face.
His classmates have visions of college life in the fall following senior year, while his fantasy is a normal existence. Whatever normalcy is, he’s sure it’s not graduating with honors–and his virginity.
Aside from having a paranoid mom who has made it her mission to see that he’s never alone with a girl, he wants his first time to be with someone who doesn’t know him as Jack Storm-of-the-multi-platinum-Jackal Junior.
Chasing the vision of a woman and a world who doesn’t know of him takes him from the sunshiny suburbs of Dallas to the snowy streets of Detroit.
When he sees Sash in person, the girl he’s texted, phoned, and Skyped for the better part of a year, he’s drawn to her secret smile, and the tattooed half sleeves decorating her arms. Her fiery, fun personality and musical skills make her seem the soul mate he’s been seeking.
But Sash has her own secrets—secrets that make him wish he’d never met her. Falling for Sash and finding his own identity may cost him more than what’s in his wallet.
A Shit Storm can stand alone but for fans of Six Silver Strings Series, this novel includes scenes with characters from G-Strings and D-Strings with several appearances of Jack and Marissa Storm.

A Shit Storm teaser 1 A Shit Storm teaser 1

sexy and spoiled

Rock Star Reads

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A Shit Storm excerpt 3

“I’m not allergic to any foods.” I inform her as the bite trickles down my throat. Now I understand her nirvana. It’s delicious.
“Good to know.” Leaving the container in my lap, she reaches over, scraping her spoon through, and when she leans into her bite, I smell her.
Her shampoo, lotion, clothes detergent—I’ve no idea, but the aroma is tantalizing. Berries. I struggle to place the scent and then do. Raspberries.
“You?” My question is quick to steer my thoughts away before I’m forced to find a creative way to cover a hard on. Because this little quart of ice cream will be no help at all.
“Um…” Her head tilts, and her lips clamp onto her spoon as she considers. “No foods. But I’ve got a bad latex allergy.”
Well THAT doesn’t help matters. My brain conjures up a sleek, glossy black formfitting jumpsuit, molded like a second skin to every curve on her body. Defensively, another image takes its place—a sixty-year-old man wearing a Speedo at the beach last week.
“Latex?” I finally manage after several silent seconds.
“You know… Bandages. Like at the hospital…” Her lashes part, and she appraises me with a very wide-eyed assessment. “WHAT did you think I meant?”
I keep my eyes on the bite I’m shaving onto my spoon and admit, “I pictured a cat woman suit.”
“You did, did you?” She sounds intrigued, and her spoon is dangling.
Meeting her eyes, I grin. “Yeah. And a rash covering you from head to toe.”
Feeling the brush of her foot to my calf, I realize she’s kicked me with those dainty toes and their black metallic toenails.
“That was mean, Trey Duplei. Give me my ice cream back!”
“No way! It’s not my fault! You said it!” I scuffle to keep the ice cream in my possession, but after several seconds of her arms brushing mine, and her breath so close, I relinquish my hold.
Self-defense. Hard-on prevention.
Collapsing back into the cushions, she makes a show of eating it solo. That’s fine with me because it gives me a chance to beg. And that’s the odd urge I have. To beg her for something…
“C’mon, just one more bite, Sash…”
“Please…” I scoot a millimeter closer.
Clamping her wrist with my fingers, I guide her current bite to my lips, and she doesn’t resist. The slide of the cool, sweet cream against my tongue is the most heavenly thing I’ve ever tasted. Her lips draw my eyes, and I wonder how her tongue would taste against mine. THAT would be celestial.
“I’m so glad you’re real.” She spoons up another bite.
“Huh?” As I breathe the inquiry, a stab of guilt twists. Because I’m a fake.
“I had convinced myself you wouldn’t really come. That you were catfishing me somehow, and you were probably some old pervert man.”
“Me too.” As I make the admission, I remember how perfect the public meeting place had been. “I was never so glad to see you walking across that parking lot. I mean, I know we Skyped. But until that second, I figured there was a good chance you weren’t really you, either.”
Our knuckles bump as we both scoop a bite, and she clicks her spoon to mine. “To us being us.”
“To us being us.” I parrot and watch with way too much interest as her bite disappears into her pink mouth.



Lisa Gillis lives in Texas among family and loves it all, from the beaches deserts to the sprawling metropolises. Her loyal, loving musician husband inspires her fictional men, and her beautiful-hearted son brings the light to her world.

Writing is her passion, and she strives to blend the perfect mixture of fantasy and reality into her books. While listening to music, the little voices in her head become the fascinating characters in her novels, and each series, including Silver Strings, is infused with her love of music, bands and concerts.

When she’s not writing or making her own music on her guitar or drums, she’s catering to her spoiled, hyper and lovable chocolate lab, Bailey.

A Shit Storm teaser 1 A Shit Storm teaser 1 A Shit Storm teaser 1

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You thought you knew: The Unlikely Samaritan by Jolie Mae Miller

I never expected some of the stuff that went down in this book, I applaud the author because not many books that are series surprise me this much, I usually know some way the characters are headed. Very dominate men in this series, both sexually, physically and in the business world. If you read the first book you know Mark Chesney and Jack Loving. I love these men, they fit into Lizzie’s life differently but the same. They both love her, Mark realizes her wants her more as a friend than a bed partner, even though he’d jump her in a minute. Mark doesn’t have many people he can really trust because of being so rich, their friendship means more to Mark than anything, trust is hard to find. Jack is a good friend of Marks, Jack finds he’s jealous of their friendship, he has a hard time with it, he wants Lizzie all for him. This is what most people think of Lizzie, very trust worthy and stunning gorgeous, smart, nice to be around. She one of those people who doesn’t see herself that way, this makes her so alluring to the rich men, she’s not after their money. Lizzie takes her husbands death personally, that’s the first thing I didn’t see coming, I thought Lizzie was a strong woman and could take just about anything, so this blew me away. Many people are trying to help her get her shit together, Jack loving right at the top of the list, she has no idea about Jack. Of course Mark, her friend Jenny right beside the men. What Lizzie finds out will blow your brain, what lizzie does will blow your brain, What I read blew mine, now I have to wait for the next book! Let’s go Jolie!!! I need more, now! I really wanted to tell you so much about this book, you seriously need to read this series. Five stars all the way baby!!!✨✨✨

The good & Evil: Falling For Heaven by Anne Conley

We have a stripper trying to get along in life after losing her father and brother at a early age, her mother going into a depression that led to early Alzheimer’s, a twin sister turned to drugs, Heather is the glue holding them together, paying for her moms nursing home and her sisters apartment because they both got so bad she couldn’t live with them anymore. Her mom didn’t have any money left, Heather paid for her sisters apartment so she wasn’t homeless. Heather danced at a club because it was great money, she felt safe, she loved to dance. Then there’s the ArchAngels, Two men come in to the club one night that aren’t the usual clientele, all the girls noticed them. One fair skinned electric blue eyed blonde beauty and one darker skin, Mediterranean like, but just as gorgeous. Neither men seem interested in the dancers, they didn’t want anything from the girls, but the darker one gave Heaven(Heather’s club name) vibes, which was normal, but the blonde seemed repulsed, they both left that night without wanting anything from the girls. Heather couldn’t stop thinking about the blonde, he made something stir down deep in Heather. The two were there again the next night, this time Heaven got to know them, they were both interested in her. This could be good for Heaven or bad. Download your copy to find out. This was the first book I’ve read from this author, I find I like her style of writing. I will read from this author again.

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Book Two in the SnowRose Series is live!

And it’s an Editor’s Pick!


Snow White has always been just that, white as snow. Pure. She’s lead a domestic life in the shadow of her outspoken and voluptuous sister, Rose Red. With Rose now marrying Prince Marcus, Snow fears she’ll be left with an empty heart and empty cottage.

One night, Snow gives in to her desires, but is caught by Marcus’ brother, Prince Darien, as he witnesses her indiscretion. Together they tap into a part of Snow long buried.

But Queen Miriam, once betrayed by Snow’s mother, sees the same thing happening again–this time with her son, Darien. She refuses to let her throne be taken from her a second time and sets out to kill Snow White. Darien must believe in the power of true love’s kiss or lose his kingdom, and Snow, forever.

Available now at:

She spins from my arms and drops her chemise to her ankles. Turning her head, long raven locks drape her bare shoulder as she glances back at me. I stare at her naked flesh. Last night in the tunnel darkness shrouded us. Now, in the bright morning light, I see her for the first time.

Her gorgeous hair stops right before her rounded hips. She clings to the oak bed post and eases herself around. The pink of her breasts stare back at me. I swallow hard over the lump wedged at the back of my throat, blocking my words. My gaze traverses the length of her, stopping on the beautiful patch of hair between her legs. All the air in my lungs lunges out of me in a gasp.

“Why are you still clothed?” She tilts her head as a coy smile weaves over her lips.

“Because I cannot take my eyes off of you. Words fail me. They would do no good anyway. There are none to describe you, Snow. Gorgeous. Stunning. Beautiful. They pale in comparison to how my eyes see you. How my heart feels for you. But perhaps with actions, I can show you.” I rush her and sweep her into my arms, squashing her breasts against me.

Crushing my lips over hers, I sweep her mouth, telling her things with my tongue that I cannot say. Soft moans fill our kiss, and my feisty Snow works hard to get me out of my clothes. Hating to unlock our lips, I step back to undo the last of my trousers.

“I finally get to see all of you, too.” She stalks around me like a tiger eyeing its prey. “I like this part best.” She drags a finger the length of my cock, which stands at attention waiting to pleasure her. “But, I also like this part.” Her hands palm the width of my torso. I fight back a smile itching to curl over my lips at her little game. “I really like these.” Gripping my hands, she pulls my fingertips to her lips and kisses each one. “They do so many good things to me.” She makes one final walk around me. “But I like this part most of all.” Pressing her lips to my chest, she kisses my heart. It fills with sadness and love at the same time.

The lump returns to my throat as I fight back choking emotions attacking my head and heart.

“What about my lips?” I ask, forcing a smile over the ache in my heart.

“They are not part of you. They are part of me. They breathe life into me. They feed me words that can never be spoken.” She runs her hand up my chest before cupping my cheek. “They unlock true love’s kiss.”

I ease her backward onto the bed and hover over her body. Leaning forward, I brush my mouth against hers. Hard nipples graze my chest, sending a lightning bolt of arousal to my cock resting against her hips.

“These lips can do so much more.” I look deep into her eyes that swallow me whole.

“How so?” she whispers.

“Like this,” I say, before kissing my way down her body. Spreading her stunning thighs apart, I ease my face between them.

“Darien?” she cries out. “What are you doing?”

“Speaking to you in another language.” I pry open her lower lips with my fingers and swipe the length of her pussy with my tongue.


Didn’t read book one in the SnowRose Series yet? UNBEARABLE is only 99 cents right now on Amazon!

About Wren Michaels

Wren Michaels hails from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin where beer and cheese are their own food groups. But a cowboy swept her off her feet and carried her away below the Mason-Dixon line, where she promptly lost all tolerance for snow and cold. They decided they’d make beautiful babies together and they got it right on the first try. Now Wren lives happily ever after in the real world and in the worlds of her making, where she creates book boyfriends for the masses to crave.

Stalk her at:

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A post by my friend Kevin Swarbrick #poetry #cancer

A little poem I’ve write about #Cancer that will be featured in my new poetry book coming out very soon.
This is a little poem that I’ve written for my nan, and also for all the other victims that this dreadful disease has taken an impact on.


A beating heart that sometimes can’t take the passé, what is it with this dreadful disease in the human race, we lose the ones that we love, and the ones we embrace, it’s all heartbreaking and madness that we do not have enough funds around to wipe out this killer disease from our face!

Someone we love and someone we know, would have been brought down by this dreadful disease like so, hurting the ones that we love the most. How can this be, it could live inside you or me as we watch peoples life brought down by such misery, watching the family’s brake down over this catastrophe, watching the hurt that this killer disease lies in front of me!

Is it because I’m older and wiser, I can see it all around, and now it’s a hidden by fear, that we wish it would be brushed under all towns, something we would rather not know, sometimes we feel its pain like so. In all the towns and cities around, think of the life’s that are still around before we visits the man above or the man down!

A wicked disease, we all try to fight, the angels are the ones who give up their time day and night, opening arms that are open so wide, where others will watch, maybe take sides, but they’re not the ones that are suffering you see, but still this disease could live inside you or me… They can’t understand the pain that you feel and those are the ones, who will never see the real deal.

If you feel that something isn’t right, visit your GP, but never give up the fight.

This poem is featured in my poetry book, coming out very soon, so keep an eye out for, ‘Cool Blue Poetry!’

Here’s a sneak preview of the book cover