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My review of Split Decisions by Carmen Desousa

I’ve read all Carmen’s books. She goes out on a limb and tries something different. We still have the romance and suspense were used to reading, with great characters I’ve come to know and love. The twist, Jaynee Caycee Monroe has been married to her soulmate Jordan for eighteen years. She’s turning 40 and feels there’s something missing from her perfect life. She knows she doesn’t want anyone but Jordan and loves her family with all she has in her heart. Jaynee can’t figure out why she’s depressed. Caycee Jaynee Evans turns down Jordan’s proposal of marriage eighteen years earlier and moved to California to pursue a singing career, only to find eighteen years later that she’s lonely. Caycee looks herself up on the Internet and can’t believe what she sees..Come read what she finds, download your copy today. I recommend Carmen’s books to all who love to read, CLEAN, romance and suspense books. Very well written thought out stories.

Where Will You Run, freakin awesome!! By M.E. Franco

When SanFrancisco homicide detective Mari gets a call that her sister Kerry is in a psychiatric hospital, she can’t phantom why. She’s always calling in favors to get her out of trouble, but she wasn’t looney. Mari left the precinct without telling anyone. She can’t believe what the doctor tells her, she has to hear it from Kerry. Kerry tells her she heard Collins, one of the cities richest and sexiest, honorable man in the city was selling humans to other vampires for their blood. She believes Kerry saw something, because she was scared to death. She tells Kerry she will look into it for her.That night Kerry turns up missing from the hospital.  When she gets back to the station, the captain calls her to his office. He tells her he knows what’s going on because the doctor called him. The captain tells her to stay away from Collins because she won’t win, he has friends in high places. This doesn’t sit well with Mari. On top of that tells her he’s giving her a new partner. His name is Raith, he’s a missing persons expert. Mari thinks he’s sexy and she also thinks he knows it. Mari isn’t in the mood for Raiths egotistic ways. Will Mari take on Raith as a partner or try to loose him in the game. Just download this awesome story to find out. There is so much more to this story, and it’s awesome.

You never know what people think. Delusion And Dreams by Maria Savva

You never know what people think, you might think so, but. In this book of short stories, Maria tells us stories that seem to be going one way in one person mind, while something totally different is running through the other person thoughts. The grey area is very deceptive, things aren’t always the way they seem. Download and see what I mean. LOL!