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Outside your comfort zone: Big On Christmas

From LA to Vermont, can Cassie start a new life in this dreamy winter town? Jan Romes does it again, a true romantic writer. I live hours from this setting, so it was another reason to love this story. This was a sweet, fun book, I read it at the perfect time of year, Christmas time. Cassie gets a job in the local hardware store where Luke Stennett is her boss, she thinks she’s falling for Luke, she also knows she shouldn’t, he’s her boss after all. People in town aren’t sure about Cassie, she never speaks of her past life, this makes some town folks wonder.Luke has his own problems as does Cassie. Will they overcome these problems and find peace in each other arms? Read this wonderful book to find out.

Shadow Torture

A poem inspired by my photo! I’m honored😊✨✨

The Midnight Writer

shadow torture hung on cords
setting with the sun, like jealousy –
branches are the choices made
ruptured, bursting shattered limbs
synthesize flush notions
of an unchaste thrill.

© Ben Ditmars 2014

Photograph Courtesy of Kim Stapf


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Sex & Green Witchcraft: Getting Down & Dirty

Magickal Connections

Witchcraft is all about dealing with issues in life and creating change in those areas through the movement of energy resulting in manifestation in the physical world. Sex is one of those whopping big issues, or it can be if things are not all hunky dory in the bedroom. Whatever the issues might be, whether it’s not enough passion, an overload of sex drive, infidelity, or a desire to catch your prince charming, you can find what you need to cast spells for hot sex, no sex, or only-with-me sex in the world of herbs and green witchcraft.


“Forsaking all others” is not something our culture takes lightly. Even in the 21st century, ancient marriage vows and tradition are serious matters, and cheating is frowned upon. After all, don’t we all want to be special, to be ‘the one and only’? This is probably the most popular topic…

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Reality for some: Hark A Christmas Story by Justin Bog

In this Christmas story, we have six different well written and thought out stories. They are not your tis the season stories. Their about the reality for some people at this time of year, not everyone enjoys this time. Justin is real in his characters and story lines. I’m not saying their all dark stories, some are happy with realty in them. Candycanes, stocking and presents isn’t what it’s all about for some. I think there is a lot of people who can resonate with this book. I adored all the stories because they are real. I recommend this book to all who want a real Christmas story about different meanings for this season.

Bill Cosby and Rape Culture

The Midnight Writer

I mostly post poetry and the occasional gnome on The Midnight Writer. However, I feel some things cannot be adequately expressed in verse. If you do not wish continue reading social commentary or opinion, I will be back shortly with creative writing.


There is a long list of people who inspire me and a growing list of people who inspired me. As much as I would like to deny it, I looked up to people like Woody Allen and Bill Cosby. They were creative geniuses to me, and I thought I wanted to be like them. The Cosby Show and films like Manhattan resonated: I felt like there was progress toward something, an underlying sense of beauty and direction in dark places. I never imagined either man responsible for creating such enigmatic and strong women like Annie Hall or Clair Huxtable would be responsible for abusing them. But they are. Perhaps I…

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