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Matters of the heart: Killing Instinct (a Michael Sykora novel third one) by Darcia Helle

Unfortunately I’ve come to the end of this awesome series, this is the third and last time I’ll be with Michael, Nicki and Sean, other characters I’ll miss Isaac and his mom Ruby. What a way to end a series! I don’t know if you read any of this series, it highly detailed, from it’s torture scenes to it’s investigating work, this author can write! The research is evident in every way, from torture, to killing, to breaking and entering, everything is so detailed. We have two men and one woman with the same mindset, get rid of rapist, child abusers. We have more of Sean in this one, I love that, he’s a likable hired hit man, yea I said hit man and likable ( read the series, you’ll find out). He’s hired to kill Maria, he’s done what he’s never done, got involved with a hit. Maria is beautiful, Sean thinks something is way off about this job. He decides to investigate and asks Michael for help, for Sean to ask for help was big. What they find is very disturbing, a Internet site that you can get any fantasy you want, killing, sexual, any fetish your into. It’s run by someone called “The SandMan” He wants Maria dead! Sean, Michael and Nicki go deep and things get real. I cringed, got sad, happy, actually had tears from reading this series. I applaud the author for “HER” imagination and plain awesomeness in knowing what the reader wants. I’ve read other books by this author, I totally recommend you try her.

Kids: Beyond Salvation ( A Michael Sykora novel) by Darcia Helle

This is the second novel in this awesome series. Michael and Nicki ( you remember Nicki, the prostitute Micheal was with after the killing of his fiancé). Michael helped Nicki in No Justice, now she’s got a job and apartment, has her head on straight. Michael and her are great friends, Nicki wants more, Michael keeps putting her off, (will Nicki win). Michael has problems with his dad, he has cancer and Michael wants to find his sister before he dies. He enlists his best friend Isaac ( police officer) to help find her. He has all that going on and his daytime job as a software designer, at night he plays justice for those who need him. He mostly goes after child molesters and rapist who think their above the law. Two boys who live on the streets that helped Nicki out when she needed it needs her help finding a girl that lived with them, they are sure she’s in trouble. Michael usually doesn’t do runaways but, these boys helped Nicki, so he said he’d meet them. They decided to try to help, when things get deep Michael asks his friend and hit man Sean to help. What they dig into is a world where danger lies in the hands of people who claim to be in Gods hands. You must read this series!!!

Sunrise: Photography by me, poem by @ReginaPuckett #photography #poetry



Regina Puckett I’ll Accept His Gift
Regina Puckett

Light peered over the treetops
Glistening off tiny dewdrops
A moment in time and space
A gift of God’s good grace
His voice was in the breeze
Knocking me to my knees
Today is a precious present
All He asks is for us to be content
So I’ll accept His gift and carry on
Before it’s too late and it’s gone

Lunch-Break – By Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk #Poetry #MondayBlogs

D.e.e.L's Writing and Various Nonsense

crossing the street at noon

to spend eight dollars on a mountain of toppings

sitting across from a friend

the friend you met a decade ago, saw yesterday

spending forty-five minutes pretending the desk doesn’t exist

pretending you don’t have to listen to the voice-mails, or answer the emails

spending your clocked in hours on something to take your mind away from it

only to repeat the action, next week, same time, same place, same friend

across the street at noon

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A Voyage of Lunacy


Let me take you to a journey
A voyage of lunacy
You and me
You as me
Me as you
Madly falling into each other
And embracing hate
At the same time
At the exact moment
Leaving the world behind
No past or unknown future
And everything will be alright
Stay awake
Dream will not dare to stab us

I kiss her pale blue lips gently
Her eyes wide open, her skin wither
People enter our bedroom, barging in the barricading door, some come through after smashing the windows. The men dragging me outside the room as i see the other covering her with a white blanket.
I fight, with a blade that i hid on my waist.
Too many of them..
Too many..
Something hit my head, hard
I see it now
Same red that seeping the white blanket

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