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Nine to Five

Nine to Five. By the MidNight Writer aka Ben Ditmars❤️

A perfect title: “BOUND” by Charity Parkerson

This erotica read had three short stories: Black Ribbion: Holly is invited to a Grecian Masquerade Ball, a Naughty Nobody Knows Your Name ball where you can live out your sexual fantasies along with everyone else in the room. You never know who’ll meet. Coffee Shop: Miranda, (a married woman with three children)meets him on twitter only to find out they live in the same town. They talk on twitter until he asks her to meet for coffee. Does she go? You’ll find out if you read this book. Hehe! Invitation To Fantasy: Sarah divorces her husband and loses her job, she moves back to her hometown down on her luck. She runs into Charlie a guy she had a affair with, she still loves him. She always thought those people who had affairs and said it just happened, they didn’t mean it to, were kidding themselves. She knows now how it could happen. She doesn’t tell him where she’s staying. Sahara gets a invitation to The Grecian Ball, what will she find there? Will she attend? Not telling, read it for yourself. Hehe! A very sexual, hot, steamy read.

The Grid: Black Coffee 3 A Charles Splint Case by D.E.E.L

Black Coffee 3 A Charles Splint Case
Charles is the head of the Grid now, not what he wanted, but it is what it is. He changes the gang from thieves to helping get rid of thieves. They had to move the office they were using( a bar) after someone came after him and shot up their first office and killed one of his gang members. He meets a Nora at his next office he chooses, she’s a waitress, he becomes friendly with her. Someone trashes his place and she offers him a couch to sleep on. Things only get worse for Charles. Follow The Charles Splint short stories and find out what happens. He a smart mouth ex cop who didn’t kiss butt and got fired for it. He’s now on his own and still bad as ever.