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The Library By Carmen Desousa

Do you believe in ghost!!

Detective Mark Waters is called to a stunning old architectural library where his bosses wife is the librarian. He’s there to investigate an old mans murder. He remembers coming here when he was young. A murder isn’t all that’s happening around this old library, there’s something paranormal going on. If you’ve read “The Pit Stop” and “The “Depot” Carmen’s other two paranormal suspense, romance books, you’ll recognize some of the characters. Carmen kept me in suspense with every turn of the page. I love every one of these books. They all flow right into one another. Don’t miss this series of awesomeness. Her writing never bores me. I can’t wait for her next read to come out.

Memories! First Date by Vanessa Wester

A reminder of what almost every teenage boy or girl went through in their teen years. I remember wishing for that boy to notice me and dying inside when he doesn’t . Download and read about Alice and her first date, first kiss and all the embarrassing things that can happen in our teen years.

Mans pride! Is it worth it! “Walt” by Charity Parkerson

Another awesome read in The Undefeated Series 3rd book. Walt is in love with Alyssa. He’s the son of Cameron and Chantel. Walt goes away on deployment and comes home hurt, Alyssa is waiting at the hospital with his family and friends. Walt told his dad to tell Alyssa he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Alyssa is stunned and doesn’t believe it, she gets in somehow and Walt tells her he really doesn’t want to see her anymore. Years go by and she’s having problems with her car when a white truck pulls up. Download this book and read what happens with these two and more. There are secrets and sexiness of course….