The drink ruins lives: “Blood Isle” by Mark Stone #bookreview #share

The drink ruins lives: Calasade: Blood Isle by Mark Stone

“Spoiler Alert”

I was given this ARC in exchange for a honest review, I’ve read from this author before, this was no hardship for me.
Set in the Greco-Roman time, a fantasy with barbarians, swords & sorcery: Caderyn lost his wife to his stupidity of the drink and gambling, he had it all, titles, a great job and a fine place to live with his wife Elianne. Now he was battling demons, always being tested with them and life. Will he win his battle, or is the pull to drink to much? Jana had been looking for him for a fortnight, she was sent by Lepidus to ask him to help find Indrasena for coin. Indrasena was a very young girl kidnapped from his home in the night. With all that has happened in his life already, Caderyn wasn’t to keen on someone relying on him but, he needed the money to try to make a fresh start. The other part that bothered him was the pull on his britches that Jana has made, he’s still married in his heart. He’s never strayed (that he can remember anyway). He’s seen way to much, it haunts his dreams. You need to read this book to find out about Caderyn’s demons. Jana doesn’t give up a lot of information on the girl, it makes Caderyn wonder who and what this girl is to Lepidus. Caderyn decided to do it, he made his demands clear, he needed men, weapons and more money than offered. Jana agreed to his terms as along as she can go back and help find the girl with them. This book is meticulously written. I didn’t know some of the words but, I knew what they meant by reading the sentence. Download your copy and read about Caderyn and his journey to find himself again. You get a look at the authors stunning artwork, more reason to download