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My Review of “There Was An Old Woman”by Julie Elizabeth Powell

“There Was An Old Woman” By Julie Elizabeth Powell
This short story makes you keep thinking, Is this reality? Ghostly? Dreamer?
The author does such a awesome job keeping your attention through this very short story. The plot thickens with each word written, I feel like I’m walking into a ladies dream, or am I in a story? There is another side to this author’s talent in the form of a entertaining poem at the end of this short book. This is the first I’ve read from this author, I will be reading more!! Alway’s happy to find new talent.

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Lost trust: Guns “N” Tulips by Kristen Cayne

Connor Goes under cover for his unit to bring down a ring of bandits robbing and killing bank managers. Lily his fiancé and Paul his partner and best friend are devastated when he busted for bribery and thrown in jail. There faith in him is all but gone. The day arrives when the bandits strike a bank with Connor now known as conman. Will he pull it off and recover his good guy status? Or will things go drastically wrong? You can find out in about 20 minutes, it’s a very short action packed romance story. Totally recommend you read it.

Learning to trust: “A Dash Of Desire” (spiced life book 2) by Charity Parkerson

A dash of desire isn’t all that’s going on between Riley and Tristan. Riley is going to visit her aunt Billy after leaving her man of two years behind. Tristan, trying to find his sanity after his wife died by helping others, became a preacher. She gets a flat tire just before getting to her aunts town, no cell service, midnight, pouring rain, just great! Riley see headlights and starts thinking, shit, not the way I want to die. A dark, tall stranger gets out of a older truck, all kinds of thoughts are running through Riley’s mind. She smells his cologne, it’s smells like Heaven& chocolate, then that voice, all southern drawl, then the full effect of him hits her, the thoughts running through her mind aren’t of death. He tries to help out with the tire only to find no spare, that’s when Riley’s foul mouth takes over, she’s a spunky little thing, Tristan thinks while laughing inside. Riley breaks down then, Tristan tells her she has every right to have a break down, he offers a ride to her aunts house. Aunt Billy is very religious, she thinks Riley needs a session with the preacher. Billy has the preacher come to the house the next morning. You really need to download and find out what happens, it’s sinful…hehe!

Busted: “Falling For Cindy Fellars” By Regina Puckett

It took me one shot to read this short story, I made one status update and went right back to reading. I was going to clean a little then return to read again, but I had to know what Andrew wanted to know. What happened to her parents? Why is she being a mother to her twin sisters? You see, Cindy was walking through the university parking lot in the evening heading to her car when she sees a shoe, she usually wouldn’t pick a shoe up, this one looked expensive, she picked it up then heard something. She wanted to ignore it, she couldn’t, she saw two men beating a third man up, she ran toward them with mace in her hands, one man ran, the other she sprayed. The man went down, she called 911 and stayed with the man that was hurt until they came. The man she sprayed tried to get up and she kicked him back down. Cindy went to the hospital the next day with the twins to give the shoe back to its owner. When she saw Andrew and how nice looking he was she was more than happy she did what she did to help him. He still needed her help because he didn’t have a way to leave the hospital, the crooks took his wallet, for some reason his friends were busy, he couldn’t take a cab. Cindy invited him to lunch with her and the twins. He really wanted to pay her back for her generosity. Download this awesome short story to find out if Andrew gets to know Cindy and the twins. You’ll love this story.

Ice Crystals: Frostbite: The Dragon That Saved Christmas by Michael J. Radcliffe

Ice crystals: Frostbite: The Dragon That Saved Christmas by Michael Radcliffe

This is not your usual Christmas story, I like it better because there’s a dragon involved. Got your attention yet? We have, Kringle, dragons , witches and magic. A very well written short story about Christmas that could stop Kringle in his tracks. Frostbite goes up against the mean witch to save Kringle and Christmas. You go frostbite!!!! Download this sweet short today.

Blood on my hands: ” Never Again by Rosa Storm

Never Again hits on spousal abuse, a big problem in society today. Jen thought she married well, until Ken started telling her she couldn’t have friends over.. Jen started thinking maybe she’d been wrong to marry Ken. Jen takes things in her own hands. A very well written short story, don’t mess with Jen.

Coffee with a kick!! Black Coffee 2 A Charles Splint Case: by D.E.E.L

Charles took down the top man in the gang, now he has to take down the guy who took his place. While drinking his black coffee laced with his favorite scotch, he listens to gang members for information on the top dude in the gang. If I know Charles he’ll get the job done. I’ll find out in the third installment