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Touch Of Darkness by Michael Radcliffe

So there are books before this one in this series, I think this one stood very well all on it’s own! The author did a awesome job with the prose, characters and editing, that it rocks as one! There’s a appendix at the back to explain characters and words you’ll see thought out this series, I’m mean really! You don’t usually find those. Bravo! There’s also some of the authors short stories at the back of the book. Bravo! Now, about the story, Rami was sold to the Set when he was a boy. He learned their way, then something happened and Rami ran. He needs to find “The Book Of The Dead”so he can get rid of the evil in or around him, you see he’s having awful nightmares, he believes if he finds this book he’ll be able to get rid of give darkness within him. He meets up with a caravan and the leader takes a liking to him, so he starts traveling with them and did odd jobs. We have wizards, dragons, magic and necromancies running around in this story. Amirah ( Caravans leaders daughter) takes a liking to Rami also, she hears his night mares and wants to help him. A budding romance in the mist of all this darkness? Can Rami find the book before he’s totally taken by darkness? Take the journey with them to find out, just be careful not to head into the dark!!!

We meet again: “Stalking The Demon” by Ciara Ballintyne

First of all if you didn’t read the first book “Confronting The Demon” do it! I was lucky enough to receive a Arc of the next book(which I was waiting for after reading the first) I was not disappointed! This author writes sci-fi like no other, kick butt action and suspense all the way through both books. Alloran is known as the destroyer of worlds, does he deserve this title? The council and other residents blame him and his renegade so-called friend(Laydon)for the demons that plagued the city and killed loved ones. Gisayne keeps collapsing and they can’t figure out why, it has been happening more and more ever since chasing Laydon to the seven Hells. Alloran needs to figure out what’s wrong before she dies. He can’t trust anyone in the citadel to help him even his assistants in the lab, he thinks their spy’s sent from the counsel to keep a eye on him. The city of Ehsua is still falling apart, walls come and go, could there be a link between this and Gisayne? Will Alloran find a way to redeem himself in time to save Gisayne? Is there anyone he can trust? I found myself wanting to kick butt myself at times. Gisayne and Alloran have my respect, as does the author for her awesome writing skills. Can’t wait for the next book to be released! Read about demons, wizards, hellcats, sorceress all in this series.

Playing with the devil: The Wizard & The Wonton by Charity Parkerson

I love this series because the characters rock! If you had to go up against a sexy devil, would you? Dheath is a very sexy devil who can send shiver down your spine, sexually and fearfully. He shows up on Randall’s apothecary shop doorstep, he wants his help taking a power from Rowena ( she’s a fate) who Randall has feelings for. Randall says he hasn’t seen her in awhile, Dhearth says she right across the road in that coffee shop. She’s there with Lena and Harper, Randall’s ferocious with Dheath for even saying her name. He hasn’t seen Rowena in a long time, he goes to the coffee shop and Rowena was happy to see him until she notices Dheath. Randall grabs her and walks away with her in tow. Harper can’t keep her eyes off Dheath. When they return Harper and Dheath are gone. They knew they would need more help, they went to see my favorite fairy Tam. Can Tam, Rowena and Randall get Harper back? You’ll want to find out, believe me.

Confronting The Demon by Ciara Ballintyne This is my first time reading reading a book by this author, I Will be reading more. Alloran used to live very comfortably inside the Citadel, a place where wizards, sorcerers and other magical entities lived. He’s forced to live in the dirtiest place down by the docks because his best friend turned demon and brought a demon into the citadel. Because Alloran made a huge mistake and summoned the first demon imp, they thought it was he who brought this one who killed inside the citadel. Alloran left the citadel to keep the demon from killing anyone one else especially Gisayne one of the top wizards daughter who Alloran had deep feelings for. His friend Ladanyon is trying to best him in wizardry because of the demon in him, he’s killing all who has anything to do with Alloran, lovers from his past, friends, other wizards. Every demon that’s summoned is stronger than the last. Hellcats from centuries back that tear you apart from your insides out to imps that are hard to kill. Alloran must stop them all. Will he be able and willing to go back to that scary part of his life and kill his best friend Ladanyon to save his friends. Download your copy now and find out. This author doesn’t disappoint. It’s very well written and keeps your attention from page to page. It’s not for the squeamish.