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Trust is everything: The Good Samaritan by Jolie Mae Miller

I was given this book in exchange for a honest review:
People in general seem to think those with a absurd amount of money are stuck-up and all for themselves. It takes these folks with money to make the world go around. This story shows different sides to having “Money” and what it can do to you and your life. . Elizabeth Macintyre& Jeremy Macintyre had it all, a house they built especially for them, two beautiful children and a sexual life most married couples dream of. Jeremy loses his job, What happens when things take a turn for the worst? Do they come out on top? Jack Loving Jr. doesn’t really like growing up with money, he doesn’t get the life he wants because of what’s expected of him. He meets a older woman Erin who he has his first sexual encounter with. To keep up with her, he studies all kinds of sexual pleasures. She leaves him to pursue her music career, he goes to college heart broken, still “very” interested in sex, studies all kinds of ways people have sex.The couples are very sexual in this book. Jack meets Victoria and falls for the sexy vixen, against his friends wishes. Throw in Mark Chesney a handsome financial philanthropist and friend to Jack and other wealthy friends. They all meet when things get hot and heavy. Can these couples survive “Money” and the problems that come with it. Download your copy to find out. It’s a very well written story, you’ll laugh, cry, want to punch someone.

Before: Creatus( They exist) The Prequel By Carmen Desousa

I’ve read every book in this series, it’s one of my favorite series. I like that Carmen wrote a prequel it gives me more insight about the characters beginnings. If you haven’t read any of this series, this is a great one to start with. Strong characters that are consistent through the whole series. The author writes flawlessly from one book to the next. I believe there could be Creatus out there, you’ll see what I mean when you read this series. The characters are so real, the settings are clear in your mind, you feel like you get a feel for Boston. I highly recommend this series.

I Believe! Creatus Rogue by Carmen Desousa

I would love to blow this story out of the water and tell you all about this awesome series. I absolutely love the first book and this ones even better. Derrick and his friends and family are after a rogue that’s killing humans, but some of the murders look connected to a Creatus. Victoria is suppose to watch Reece, a agent their keeping hostage( from Creatus one) because they think he will turn them in. Creatus are being sought out by the police and FBI, or at least the ones who believe something other than human is out there killing humans. Reece is in love with Vic, so aren’t a few other men. Vic is very confused, she’s not used to feeling this way. She’s always only had eyes for Derrick. Derrick is married to Kristen now. Reece has made his feeling clear, so haven’t the other men. One top of trying to figure out her life, she has to keep her head clear to help the family. She needs a girlfriend, she’s always only had male friends. Will Victoria find a girlfriend and figure out her life, all the while helping Derrick and the family? Think about this after you read it. I believe there could be Creatus among us. We have lots of people with extraordinary strength and speed, the eat sushi and are vegetarian..Hmmmmm..