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Texas sizzle: Keeping Kylee by Jan Romes

As we all know Quinn and Tory broke up(yeah!), that leaves Quinn single and on the market again. Can Tory leave it like that? Kylee, a mom to three year old Gabby is bar tending the wedding(she works for Sam)to pay for college, she’s going to be a physiologist. She works very hard to give Gabby a descent life, pay for school and her apartment she shares with Angie, her best friend. Quinn finds Kylee very attractive, big boobs, blonde hair and a rockin body. She can’t believe he’s flirting with her, their from different worlds. TY tells him to leave her alone, she’s not for him, that only puts fuel on the fire for Quinn. Kylee knows of Quinn and his life style and really doesn’t want anything to do with him. She’s been working so much, she hasn’t had time to think about men. Kylee has been hurt in the past and has a child. Quinn has secrets of his own. Their from two different worlds, they sizzle together. Quinn gets Sam to let Kylee bartend for a weekend party he’s throwing for TY in honor of his new position at his company. All Quinn’s friends including Tory will be there. Will Kylee agree to work it? You must read this second book in this series to find all this out. Jan never disappoints! Well written and a Texas story for the romantic side of you.