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A look at a writers life and his women friends. PASSION by Kevin Swarbrick


This is a story rewrite of two of this authors first books, Louie Has Landed The Early Days and the Second Encounter. It’s a story of the author and the relationships he’s had with women. It’s full of love and deception at its highest level. The feelings he had  for these ladies and what they put him through was intense enough to wanna write a story. I can’t imagine what he was feeling reliving it through words written for everyone to read. I’m sure it was his outlet as it is for most authors. After going through a up and down relationship that was abusive at times, you have a hard time trusting people. Mark meets Sarah at a pub he was at with his friend, he thought she’s was beautiful. He couldn’t help but look her way every now and then. There eyes caught and Sarah walked over to Mark and there banter between them was a hit from the beginning. They exchanged numbers and texted. Mark couldn’t keep his excitement about Sarah to himself. His friends reminded him what he just went through and to take it slow with Sarah. Will Mark listen, find out by downloading your copy today. While I found the story very intriguing and full of fun, crazy at times and couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what’s happening next, I could only give it 4 stars because it has editing issues. That didn’t take away any of my pleasure while reading this awesome story. Thank you Kevin for sharing what was a hard but true life for you with all of us. I would recommend this read to anyone who likes  a fun at times sad, crazy kind of read.

My review of Wrong Time Wrong Place by David Perlmutter

I’d give more stars if I could. I don’t usually read true stories, so glad I picked this one. The author says he’s not a writer, umm, have you read your book! Dave has a nice job selling real state with a nice car and apartment. He goes out one night and chooses the wrong thing, racing his car around in a parking lot after partying to much. The police caught him and his whole life turned upside down. He lost his job, car and apartment. He had to move back home with his parents. Dave went into a state of depression, he figured the only way was to leave home and go somewhere and take a little vacation. He choose Spain. At first everything was going fine, he stayed one night in a five star hotel and fond a job his first night there. He thought his life was taking a turn for the better. He got to know the people in the area and got along with most. Sleeping during the day and working and partying at night. Dave’s finds out that the police in other countries are way worse than what he went through at home. He chooses the same path time after time. If your 18 and older, learn from Dave’s mistakes please!