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Family: ” Not Without Nancy” (Fourth book in the Texas Boys Falling Fast series) by Jan Romes

Whenever I want a little faith in men and human kindness, I read one of Jan Romes books. I just read the fourth installment in The Texas Boys Falling Series, “Not Without Nancy”. I’ve read everyone of them. These men are the sweetest, handsome, rich and nicest men in Texas. Each one has family and friends that’ll be there no matter the circumstances. Each story unique in it’s own way. This is Trigg and Nancy’s story, I think one of my favorite, Nancy just rocks! Trigg is the rancher of the boys, I love him because he is so down to earth, literally. Nancy is a RN, Trigg has had eyes for Nancy since the moment he’d met her through Maggie. He’s let her know it to, she’s turned him down every time. Nancy is basically married to her job, most nurses are overworked and understaffed. Their friends think their meant for each other, the press shows Trigg in a different way. Nancy doesn’t need heart ache in her life, she’s had enough of that. Can Trigg and Nancy’s friends help these two, or is there still one more Texas boy on the market? I’ve looked forward to every one of these stories. The characters are people that I enjoy spending time with. Download your copy and meet some new friends.


A group of friends: “Taming Tori” ( Texas Boys Falling Series) By Jan Romes

What I love about this series is the friendship these Texas couples have. They all have money, it means different things to each of them. The lessons learned and the growing up with such friends is priceless. They go through ups and downs learning who they really are, they are always there for each other. They teach each other what friendships all about. Tori’s one of the toughest to figure out, will the group give up one her or let her into their world? Jake wants to walk away from the ice princess, even he has his limits. Download this awesome series, follow the Handsome Texas boys and read about each one falling for their soulmate.