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On the run: ” Secrets” by Darcia Helle

On the run: Secrets by Darcia Helle
This author is one of the best for describing violence in her books, I can only imagine the research she has done. Samantha grew up in a house full of unbelievable conditions. She had no one to trust, her father has done horrible things to her, her mother turned her back to her, so didn’t her brother. When she had the chance to leave, she fled for her life, she never looked back. Samantha had to make a new life, become a different person, she even believed in the person she’s portraying. She met Jeff and married well. Can she keep her secrets? Will her family leave her alone? Download a copy to find out, you’ll love this book. The characters seem so real, I fell for Sam and Jeff. This story has a surprise at the ending that blew me away.

A Thrill ride you won’t forget: Thrill Ride by Wendy Potocki

You want a thrill ride, take this book for a ride, it’s a thrill that chills you to the bones. A teen bullied all his life Kyle finds he has to move because his parents have to downsize.Kyle believes this is his chance to change his whole self, from his personality to his appearance, to try and fit in at his new school.. There are so many teens that can relate to Kyle’s life. He meets Wax when he literally bumps into Kyle at his locker, Wax needs to know all, Kyle doesn’t let Wax phase him. Wax likes Kyle and invites him to come meet up with his friends. Wax is the head of Hells Bells, a thrill club. Kyle finds he’s really digging his new life and friends. Will it be worth losing old friends? Can Kyle pay for what comes with belonging to such a club? Get ready to take a ride with Kyle and his buddies at top speed with not a care of what happens to others. Bravo!!! You like horror, you’ll love “Thrill Ride”.

Lust and demons are in the air: Chained by Desire by Charity Parkerson& Regina Puckett

What I liked about this book is: I can see the different writing style of both authors. We have two sexy detectives, two sexy sisters, entities, demons and horror all in one read, a page turning ,sexy, paranormal thriller. The story takes place in New Orleans, You already know the paranormal is going to be awesome. The authors describe their bloody demonic horror scenes in great detail. Kylie is dead and sexy detective Liam strong wants to find out who killed her. Kylie can’t figure out how she can be so attracted to him being she’s dead. Demons are lurking while lust is in the air. Kylie finds if she sticks with the detective she feels safer from what killed her. Whatever killed her isn’t done with her. Her estranged sister Anne comes to New Orleans to identify and find out what happened to her sister. Anne always thought Kylie was crazy, as did her aunt. Anne asks detective Mark, Liam’s friend to take her to see Kylie. Mark is stunned by Anne’s beauty. They only knew she had a sister because of a photo in Kylie’s apartment. I want to tell you so much more, I think it best if you read it for yourself. The erotica is a very enticing part of this book, get ready for steamy dreams. This book deserves more than 5 stars in my opinion.

My review of “Encounter” by Douglas Wickard

On the outside everything seems normal “Encounter”( FBI Agent Dan Hammer) By Douglas Wickard

A perfect life, a perfect wife and children, that’s what Alex’s life was like, or was it? Alex and Rhonda Kitas seemed to be that couple who had it all. Alex thought his life was doomed from the beginning, he had a celebrity father who had secrets that Alex wasn’t suppose to know about. Alex knew about those secrets. Alex worked for a network and took trips often, this trip to San Francisco was going just like any other trip he took. Rhonda was doing her usual, walking the kids to school in the morning after Alex got in a cab to go to the airport. She was happy in her life with Alex and the kids, or was she? She always got calls from Alex like clockwork, so when she didn’t receive her usual call that morning from Alex, she started to worry. There are so many twist and turns in this well written mystery thriller that you must read for yourself. The author does a wonderful job keeping your attention with strong characters and well thought out action. I’ll be reading more from this author.

Bedroom Games with a thrill! “Bedroom Games” by Regina Puckett and Charity Parkerson

Pamela loves Bedroom games! She plays them all the time with Rick and Kevin. When she hears about a serial killer on the news she’s starts to worry a little, she lives alone in a affluent neighborhood. One night she hears noises and grabs a baseball bat and opens the bedroom door to see who’s in her apartment. I really can’t say much more without giving away the story. Is it one of her bedroom buddies or the killer. Download now to read more. I loved this story, it has humor, lots of sex and the added thrill. I thought I knew how it was going to end, NOT! Very good job ladies! Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

Dark, mysterious! Velvet Rain by David Cassidy

I usually don’t read many thrillers, I heard a lot about this book and the cover drew me in. Kain is a man with dark secrets, he moves from town to town because he doesn’t want people to get to know him. It seems where ever he goes there’s trouble. He’s got that dark mysterious look about him and tries to stay out of trouble. From the first page you know that’s not going to happen. The author goes to the very dark side of humanity and describes it in such detail that I sometimes had to look up and make sure I was alone! Spooky! If your one to have nightmares, this book will give you one. Read at your own risk! Very intense, well written and darn good. David Cassidy is one author that makes your neck hair stand up. Stephen King move over, there’s a new thriller author in town!