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Great Advice: Groovy Cool Writing Techniques by Cinta de La Rosa

I was given this ARC in exchange for a honest review.

This is wonderful book to have at your side when writing. I’m a reader not a writer, but I found this book very informational. I think every writer learns something new all the time, just as readers do. From time to time they need advice, I only know this from having lots of author friends. This author refers to everyday ways to help you through what ever your having problems with, for instance, writers block. I love the ways she explains to get through writers block. This book is just full of great advice, I totally recommend this book to authors and wanna be authors. As a matter of fact her forward was written by a author who said “he’ll keep this book by his side to refer to when writing”. The author says “nobody said this was going to be easy” so download this book for lots of great advice.

Daily missive from Peter Forster

Daily missive for Friday the 27th of February.
It was only a lunch box.
Battered now,
And faded from too much sun.
A lighter blue,
Than it once was, when new.
The superman logo
Peeled away long ago.
Even the catch was gone,
And he kept it closed
With an old leather strap.
Washed it out under a tap,
In the convenience,
At the station.
He was careful about hygiene.
And obsessively,
Kept hands and face clean,
Which was unusual these days.
It was a ritual,
And reminded him of carbolic soap,
Hanging on a rope.
The coarse feel of a flannel,
Dragged across his face.
The slap of a hand,
On his bare backside,
Whenever he cried,
Which he usually did,
When the suds got in his eyes.
He stared at himself
In the stainless steel mirror
Above the sink.
Cupped his hands
And tried to drink,
As the water dribbled
Through his beard.
And held his breath against the stink
Of other men
And their foul habits.
Perhaps he should
Make his way to the platform,
Lay open the box,
Play a few tunes
Get enough money
For some new strings,
Buy a breakfast
And a sandwich for later.
The box was made for such things.
It was a good find.
In a builders skip,
Where he had tried to sleep
Among the black bags.
Warm but heady,
And he needed
To be ready
For the garbage truck.
It would be just his luck,
One day,
To sleep in,
And end up in a land fill.
Not that he
Would be the first.
He stooped,
To slurp another drink,
Nothing seemed to quench his thirst
These days.
It was the diabetes,
And the cold was
Playing havoc
With his extremities.
His toes were black,
There was no coming back,
What a mess.
He should have demanded more,
Not less,
From the divorce.
If she saw him now
Would she feel remorse?
But that would not happen.
She was long gone,
On the other side of town
And he was
Washing in a toilet,
Just another,
Sad old John.

Mans pride! Is it worth it! “Walt” by Charity Parkerson

Another awesome read in The Undefeated Series 3rd book. Walt is in love with Alyssa. He’s the son of Cameron and Chantel. Walt goes away on deployment and comes home hurt, Alyssa is waiting at the hospital with his family and friends. Walt told his dad to tell Alyssa he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Alyssa is stunned and doesn’t believe it, she gets in somehow and Walt tells her he really doesn’t want to see her anymore. Years go by and she’s having problems with her car when a white truck pulls up. Download this book and read what happens with these two and more. There are secrets and sexiness of course….

A sweet read. The Grandmothers Message by Marci Carrington

A very sweet story about a sweet young women named Ariel. Ariel was always looking at pictures of her grandmas, generations of them. She always wondered what it was like to live in her great grandmas era. She often felt she belonged in that era, always fantasizing about dressing like her great, in Victorian style. She even took classes at a university in modern European and American history. Ariel asked her mom questions about them all the time. Women in Ariel’s family loved and took care of one another. Ariel was on her way to school when all of a sudden things went black, She thought she was dreaming. Download this short but sweet read and see what happens.

Bedroom Games with a thrill! “Bedroom Games” by Regina Puckett and Charity Parkerson

Pamela loves Bedroom games! She plays them all the time with Rick and Kevin. When she hears about a serial killer on the news she’s starts to worry a little, she lives alone in a affluent neighborhood. One night she hears noises and grabs a baseball bat and opens the bedroom door to see who’s in her apartment. I really can’t say much more without giving away the story. Is it one of her bedroom buddies or the killer. Download now to read more. I loved this story, it has humor, lots of sex and the added thrill. I thought I knew how it was going to end, NOT! Very good job ladies! Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

Men with heart and sex appeal! Paul( The Undefeated Series) by Charity PARKERSON

This is the fourth book in the series, ( Ace, Bryant, Walt , Paul ). Awesome group of men, based on a fighting club all four belong to. Paul’s wife died four years ago, he fell into a deep depression and didn’t think anyone was in his corner, except Alyssa. When Alyssa married Walt, he fell deeper. He went back to his hometown where he and Kim once lived, thinking he might find peace. It was totally the wrong move, he saw her everywhere he went, he couldn’t get out of town fast enough. He was driving his favorite car, a yellow 2010 camero, he loved that car! He knew the road well, but a deer ran out in front of him and he crashed into a tree. When he woke up in the hospital, Alyssa and Walt were there. Alyssa said she’s having his car rebuilt by the best body mechanic in the county. Walt can’t wait to meet this person called Jack and see his car and talk to Jack about it. I’ve told you enough already except Paul is a very Handsome Cajun, so sexy scenes are coming your way. Download the series now! Sexy men with awesome hearts!

My review of The Pixie& The Prince by Charity PARKERSON

I loved this story, I’m reading the series a little out of oder, but that’s my usual, lol. I love Tam, a pixie with attitude!  She thought Freddie her best friend was also her prince, until he went thru the mirror and left her. There’s times when I wanted to shake a character and times I wanted to cry. There are steamy scenes of course, you can’t have a sexy pixie and unreal looking gods without a little sexiness. Charity holds my attention with all her books. This series is fantastic.. There’s also Thomas a gorgeous guardian angel, wait till you read how he fits in this series. If I keep going, I’ll give it away, so go get your own! Thank you!