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Both Burned: Tears Of Endurance by Dawn Torrens

Ben Fielding, a workaholic is recovering from a work accident that almost took his life, his so called girlfriend left during this time, he thought they had something, but when he needed her the most she fled. Then there’s Arianna Ferria who is doing what she dreamed of, owning her own art gallery, also burned by her boyfriend. As Ben is healing he decides to go to Arianna’s art gallery. Ben finds Arianna very attractive, he has a bad headache and Arianna comes to his aide. They really hit it off, both falling for each other fast and hard. Ben is keeping a secret from Arianna and his brother Tristan whom is very close to him. Tristan is also falling for Arianna, feeling awful about this he stays away from them as much as possible. Arianna and Tristan have a lot in common. I’ve said enough! You have to read this book to find out what happens with this trio. I’ll tell you I was in tears reading this book! Grab a box of tissues!

Matters of the heart: Killing Instinct (a Michael Sykora novel third one) by Darcia Helle

Unfortunately I’ve come to the end of this awesome series, this is the third and last time I’ll be with Michael, Nicki and Sean, other characters I’ll miss Isaac and his mom Ruby. What a way to end a series! I don’t know if you read any of this series, it highly detailed, from it’s torture scenes to it’s investigating work, this author can write! The research is evident in every way, from torture, to killing, to breaking and entering, everything is so detailed. We have two men and one woman with the same mindset, get rid of rapist, child abusers. We have more of Sean in this one, I love that, he’s a likable hired hit man, yea I said hit man and likable ( read the series, you’ll find out). He’s hired to kill Maria, he’s done what he’s never done, got involved with a hit. Maria is beautiful, Sean thinks something is way off about this job. He decides to investigate and asks Michael for help, for Sean to ask for help was big. What they find is very disturbing, a Internet site that you can get any fantasy you want, killing, sexual, any fetish your into. It’s run by someone called “The SandMan” He wants Maria dead! Sean, Michael and Nicki go deep and things get real. I cringed, got sad, happy, actually had tears from reading this series. I applaud the author for “HER” imagination and plain awesomeness in knowing what the reader wants. I’ve read other books by this author, I totally recommend you try her.

He’s back!! “Black Coffee 5” A Charles Splint Case by D.E.E.L (Dan Leicht)

I really think these grid members don’t understand Charles, especially the leaders. They brought him down in the last book, Charles isn’t meant to stay down, he’s in the hospital this time around. He hates the hospital, They shot him in the chest at the penthouse in book 4. He wakes up to see his friend Dave, the cop, his only cop friend left, the only cop that still wants to take the grid down. All the others are scared,or on the grids side. Dave gives Charles the lowdown on the case, they can’t find Venus, yea a lady, the head of the grid. She’s giving Charles the best fight of the grid leaders so far. She’s turned the grid members against him. He must take care of this now, Dave tells him to rest, knowing dam well he wouldn’t. Dave sets him up with a vehicle, money and a gun, he thanks him? He’s off to get the grid back. Think he can do it? I love this series. Download it and check it out.

Ghost: Black Coffee 4 by D.E.E.L (Dan Leicht)

I’m sitting here with my coffee while reading about Charles Splint and his story about taking over the grid. Unfortunately in this one he has to drink flavored coffee( I feel for him). Charles always seems to loose those close to him, this time it was Nora. He hasn’t slept since her murder, not good, as Charles soon finds out. Charles finds those he trusted aren’t who they seem to be, have they set him up? There is someone new trying to take him down. Can they finally take him out? He definitely has a hard time in this installment of Black Coffee. Download yours now!

Learning to trust: “A Dash Of Desire” (spiced life book 2) by Charity Parkerson

A dash of desire isn’t all that’s going on between Riley and Tristan. Riley is going to visit her aunt Billy after leaving her man of two years behind. Tristan, trying to find his sanity after his wife died by helping others, became a preacher. She gets a flat tire just before getting to her aunts town, no cell service, midnight, pouring rain, just great! Riley see headlights and starts thinking, shit, not the way I want to die. A dark, tall stranger gets out of a older truck, all kinds of thoughts are running through Riley’s mind. She smells his cologne, it’s smells like Heaven& chocolate, then that voice, all southern drawl, then the full effect of him hits her, the thoughts running through her mind aren’t of death. He tries to help out with the tire only to find no spare, that’s when Riley’s foul mouth takes over, she’s a spunky little thing, Tristan thinks while laughing inside. Riley breaks down then, Tristan tells her she has every right to have a break down, he offers a ride to her aunts house. Aunt Billy is very religious, she thinks Riley needs a session with the preacher. Billy has the preacher come to the house the next morning. You really need to download and find out what happens, it’s sinful…hehe!

The Grid: Black Coffee 3 A Charles Splint Case by D.E.E.L

Black Coffee 3 A Charles Splint Case
Charles is the head of the Grid now, not what he wanted, but it is what it is. He changes the gang from thieves to helping get rid of thieves. They had to move the office they were using( a bar) after someone came after him and shot up their first office and killed one of his gang members. He meets a Nora at his next office he chooses, she’s a waitress, he becomes friendly with her. Someone trashes his place and she offers him a couch to sleep on. Things only get worse for Charles. Follow The Charles Splint short stories and find out what happens. He a smart mouth ex cop who didn’t kiss butt and got fired for it. He’s now on his own and still bad as ever.

Coffee with a kick!! Black Coffee 2 A Charles Splint Case: by D.E.E.L

Charles took down the top man in the gang, now he has to take down the guy who took his place. While drinking his black coffee laced with his favorite scotch, he listens to gang members for information on the top dude in the gang. If I know Charles he’ll get the job done. I’ll find out in the third installment