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A journey of the unknown: Beyond Ever Blue Skies by Clive Johnson


Mr.Johnson imagination never ceases to amaze me with the worlds he creates and writes about. This book has it all, dystopia, intrigue, romance, sci-fi and mystery. Mr.Johnson does all his own artwork for his books, one of many hats this author wears ( the cover is one of his pieces)You have to have strong protagonists, this author gets into your heart and mind, they’re creative characters with different outlooks on life. His worlds are very descriptive, easy to visualize. Get ready for a trip to ” The Promised Land”. Not your regular sci-fi story. Take the journey into ever blue skies. Morgan and Stephanie won’t disappoint!

We meet again: “Stalking The Demon” by Ciara Ballintyne

First of all if you didn’t read the first book “Confronting The Demon” do it! I was lucky enough to receive a Arc of the next book(which I was waiting for after reading the first) I was not disappointed! This author writes sci-fi like no other, kick butt action and suspense all the way through both books. Alloran is known as the destroyer of worlds, does he deserve this title? The council and other residents blame him and his renegade so-called friend(Laydon)for the demons that plagued the city and killed loved ones. Gisayne keeps collapsing and they can’t figure out why, it has been happening more and more ever since chasing Laydon to the seven Hells. Alloran needs to figure out what’s wrong before she dies. He can’t trust anyone in the citadel to help him even his assistants in the lab, he thinks their spy’s sent from the counsel to keep a eye on him. The city of Ehsua is still falling apart, walls come and go, could there be a link between this and Gisayne? Will Alloran find a way to redeem himself in time to save Gisayne? Is there anyone he can trust? I found myself wanting to kick butt myself at times. Gisayne and Alloran have my respect, as does the author for her awesome writing skills. Can’t wait for the next book to be released! Read about demons, wizards, hellcats, sorceress all in this series.

Cold Angel Days! Mystery, sci-fi, intrigue. By Clive Johnson.

I love being back in the realm of Dica, with all of its cold walls, castles, mystery, sci-fi and intrigue. I’m back with Falmeard and Geran. This is a series that’s always changing, you never know what’s around the corner or up the stone steps. It’s the fourth book in the series and I wasn’t disappointed. Cold Angel Days puts Falmeard and Geran and her sister prescinda to the test of family and love. Clive writes a tale in his own style of writing. Grab a cold drink or hot one sit back and relax and dig in to this poetic like story. I say poetic because Clives words are in a world all their own. If you haven’t read one of his books, please do so. The Dica series is one of mystery, sci-fi and a love story like no other. Clive has a map that’s actually a work of art, but it’s meant to help understand where your looking and traveling through this series. Once again I’m impressed Clive.Image

My review of Blue CheeseCake by Charity Parkerson

If you want a little cheesecake and a little erotica with sci-fi mixed in, this tail is for you. A short read but humorous  and sexy as only Charity could write. I always enjoy her books, my iPad is full of  them. Would I recommend her? YES! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N are just a few places to get her reads. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.