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You never know what you have till it’s gone: Undaunted#2(no Rival series) by Charity Parkerson

I read the first book and loved it, now I’m back with Drew, Aubrey and the gang. I like how the author left no doubt this is a series. I love the characters, big, gorgeous men with attitude but at the same time they can be the sweetest of men, fighters and lovers. When they love, they love with everything in them. I wouldn’t deny not one of them, LOL. Mandy is torn because she thinks she’s in love with Rhys her friend growing up. Rhys doesn’t show her he loves her though, not in the way a man should love a woman. The night Rhys dad commits suicide he’s goes nuts, Mandy is there for him in all ways. She hopes this night changes things for them. Rhys has brothers that look after Mandy to, without her or Rhys knowledge Knox hides in the background. Read this series to find out who gets who and why. Charity never disappoints!