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The link between now and then: The Forbear’s Candle by Master Story Teller Clive Johnson


I’ve read all this author’s books, loved everyone of them.
This book came alive in my hands, it has everything that draws me in. Definitely this author’s best work yet!!! Characters I won’t soon forget, they became so real to me.
This author has a way with words no matter what he writes. This book shows his love of his country side of England, with all its rich history, historic churches, green grass hillsides and rocky seasides. His description bringing alive to me a place I’ll never see with my own eyes through Colin & Kate and Jusuf. The fifteenth-century Cornwall and twenteith-century North West meet through Colin and Jusuf. You won’t believe how they are joined as one unless you read this book. Kate, Colin’s girlfriend is helping Colin figure out what’s going on in his head. When the mystery piece is revealed, I’m blown away!!! I never expected this! I had a great time reading their story, you will to, I promise!!!
My favorite line: “There are always sacrifices to be made for the furtherance of science.”
Talk about a page turner!

Kims Review Mom’s Up On The Roof And I Can’t Get Her Down By Cynthia Hanson

The raw emotion Cynthia must have endured while writing this pulls at your heart! You will need tissues. She writes about what her family and friends went through during her mothers battle with cancer. It’s inspirational, loving, sad. I didnt want to put it down. I applaud Cynthia, she’s one strong author, woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife. That’s what she was through this whole story. AMAZING!