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Unfinished business: Mystical High by Lisette Brodey

Unfinished business: Mystical High by Lisette Brody

Jessie Dalworth lives in Mystekal with her father and brother River. Her mom left them and ran away to LA, because Mystekal wasn’t enough for her. The small town has very little people in it, it’s like a ghost town. She and River go to Mystekal high school, a very small population of seventy five students, The school is very old, it’s principal Mr. Carrow is the meanest principal, he owns a lot of property in town. His money is what keeps the school open. Jessie could never make it without her best friend Jinxsy. They both have family problems on their minds, if that’s not enough Jinxsy started seeing a long haired boy with a black leather jacket hanging around school. Jessie has never seen this boy, River has seen him to. Jessie doesn’t know how she could’ve missed him, there’s not many kids in Mystekal high. Then there’s Taylor, the schools princess, at least that’s what she thinks. Taylor is always bulling Jessie about her mom and everything else possible, Jinxsy always sticks up for her, not that she needs it. Where in a school with possible ghosts, in a small desert town, with a mean principle, a mean girl. What could happen??

Sexy Vampires, ghosting, werewolves!!” Where Will You Turn” By ME. Franco

This is the third book in the Dion series, this book rocked! Raith, Mari and the team have to take on Alieana and the top Dion. They have enough evidence that Alieana is killing humans and selling them and that breaks all the rules. Even thou she was Raiths lover once and saved him, she had to be stopped. She brought back Wraiths and nelapsi to hurt Mari, Reinn and the gang. That’s when the game got real! The werewolves joined their team because Alieana had some of their pack under her spell. Of course we know that werwolves and Vampires don’t get along, there are many surprises, I don’t want to give it all away. The author doesn’t disappoint! I totally recommend this series! I want more!!!

Read it!!! Where Will You Hide by Michelle Franco

Raith and his team hunt draugers, draugers are known to be the worst of the evil, they kill humans and all others creatures. They turn on you in a second, their not to be trusted. Raith found Aran dying from being attacked by a drauger. Aran told Raith how his uncle died trying to save him and other children that were kidnapped by one. The drauger put a whole through Reinns chest and Aran threw the torch at her and Reinn cut her head off. Reinn thought he was dying and told his nephew to run to safety with the other children. When he awoke he finds he’s one of them, he hides out in the creatures castle away from everyone for centuries, while his nephew thought him dead. Aran fought to kill every last drauger, he was a great fit with Raiths group, so he turned him into a vampire. Kylee went to Scotland to go on a trip her and her grandmother were to take together. Kaylee grandma died before they got the chance, her grandma left her money to go and she decided that’s what she’d do. She was searching for her relatives town in Scotland when she got lost in the pouring rain. She was in a country she didn’t know in the pouring rain, freezing and lost. Kaylee sees a light and walks up the hill towards it to ask for directions. She couldn’t believe it was a castle. A huge man answers the door and Kaylee was stunned by his manners. Really can’t say much more, except download this book and the one before this. The author sure knows how to tell a story, her characters are strong and I loved the series. This second book was phenomenal, not taking away from the first that started this awesome story. I can’t wait for more. You will fall in love with the characters.

Where Will You Run, freakin awesome!! By M.E. Franco

When SanFrancisco homicide detective Mari gets a call that her sister Kerry is in a psychiatric hospital, she can’t phantom why. She’s always calling in favors to get her out of trouble, but she wasn’t looney. Mari left the precinct without telling anyone. She can’t believe what the doctor tells her, she has to hear it from Kerry. Kerry tells her she heard Collins, one of the cities richest and sexiest, honorable man in the city was selling humans to other vampires for their blood. She believes Kerry saw something, because she was scared to death. She tells Kerry she will look into it for her.That night Kerry turns up missing from the hospital.  When she gets back to the station, the captain calls her to his office. He tells her he knows what’s going on because the doctor called him. The captain tells her to stay away from Collins because she won’t win, he has friends in high places. This doesn’t sit well with Mari. On top of that tells her he’s giving her a new partner. His name is Raith, he’s a missing persons expert. Mari thinks he’s sexy and she also thinks he knows it. Mari isn’t in the mood for Raiths egotistic ways. Will Mari take on Raith as a partner or try to loose him in the game. Just download this awesome story to find out. There is so much more to this story, and it’s awesome.

My review of Double The Sin by Charity Parkerson

I read this awesome short in Charities Lust & Longing book. Annie thinks Adio left her for good, one night she’s in Walmart and see Adio and thinks she’s seeing things. One of the ladies stocking shelves lets her know he’s real, because he’s gorgeous. Annie doesn’t want anything to do with him. She leaves and Adio is left wondering what to do. The stock lady speaks up once again, ” go after her, you can’t kiss someone the way you did if there wasn’t something there”. Find out by downloading this awesome short story what happens with Adio and Annie. You don’t want to miss this it’s one of my favorite short. You can find all Charities books at Amazon.com, Smashwords, Punk & Sissy Publications, B&N. thank you for sharing your stories with us.

My review of Lust & Longing by Charity Parkerson

This is the work of ten short stories of charities all in one book, cool right. I’ve read 4 of them already. One I didn’t read was Sarah’s Dirty Little Secrets, a lusty little short. Services Rendered was really adorable, little green leprechaun, love it. Double The Sin was my Favorite, shape shifting, erotica at its finest, loved Annie and Adio. Great job as usual Charity. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You can find charities awesome reads at Amazon.com, punk&Sissy Publication, Smashwords, B&N.