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The link between now and then: The Forbear’s Candle by Master Story Teller Clive Johnson


I’ve read all this author’s books, loved everyone of them.
This book came alive in my hands, it has everything that draws me in. Definitely this author’s best work yet!!! Characters I won’t soon forget, they became so real to me.
This author has a way with words no matter what he writes. This book shows his love of his country side of England, with all its rich history, historic churches, green grass hillsides and rocky seasides. His description bringing alive to me a place I’ll never see with my own eyes through Colin & Kate and Jusuf. The fifteenth-century Cornwall and twenteith-century North West meet through Colin and Jusuf. You won’t believe how they are joined as one unless you read this book. Kate, Colin’s girlfriend is helping Colin figure out what’s going on in his head. When the mystery piece is revealed, I’m blown away!!! I never expected this! I had a great time reading their story, you will to, I promise!!!
My favorite line: “There are always sacrifices to be made for the furtherance of science.”
Talk about a page turner!

Believe: “Solem” by Clive Johnson

I’m glad Clive didn’t change his way of writing with this new book, still using old tongue language. Clive’s style of writing draws me in, I haven’t read another author like him. I’m glad I got the paperback to read poolside as it added to the spookiness of the book, I’m surrounded by woods. Janeen had to leave her village because she had a demon in her, she stayed longer than most children with a demon in them by bewitching the villagers. She didn’t know this, but her father and a friend did. There came a day when her dad knew it was time for her to leave, she was seventeen then. I wonder if the parents know what happens to the children they send away? Luckily she has Sharman, Craith and Dwelgefa. They realize this isn’t a normal case, so the journey begins through the countryside, up rivers and through dense forest. I can visualize the countryside because the description the author writes is so clear I got the goose bumps running up my arms and legs at times. This book is full of mystery, adventure, demons and a little romance. The characters I came to look forward to being with each time I opened the book will be missed. I took the journey, felt the fear, adrenaline and faith with the characters and their creator. You should to! Clive never disappoints, I’ve read his Dica series which blew me away also. This author is one of the best story tellers of the written word. He makes maps to help you visualize the countryside he’s writing about and his drawing blow my mind. Don’t miss out, take the journey!

Catch me if you can: Heron Park by Christine Raggio

Catch Me if you can:Heron Park: by Christine Raggio
I had to tell myself at times ” It’s just a book”, you feel as though your watching this happen. The author is VERY descriptive, the killings brutally gruesome. A little town in Long Island is on the edge, Cassie a detective is on the hunt with the FBI for a killer using welled trained dogs to help with the killings of women and their dogs walking through Heron Park. The killings keep happening, they must find the killer or be killed, as he has his sights set on Cassie and her family and friends. Can they stay ahead of him and catch him before he kills again? This was one story I’ll never forget! I’ve never read a book so descriptive, it kept me turning the pages wanting him to be caught before he could kill again, he just kept going and my adrenaline was pumping. I usually don’t get scared reading a book, but this one had me on the edge of my seat. One of the best mystery murder books I’ve read.Totally recommend! I’ll be reading more from this author. This dude is SICK! In this book there’s murder, mystery, lust, love, and family, it has it all. I loved getting to know Cassie and her partner Izzy, all the characters were awesome. I’m hoping for a second book.

My review of “Encounter” by Douglas Wickard

On the outside everything seems normal “Encounter”( FBI Agent Dan Hammer) By Douglas Wickard

A perfect life, a perfect wife and children, that’s what Alex’s life was like, or was it? Alex and Rhonda Kitas seemed to be that couple who had it all. Alex thought his life was doomed from the beginning, he had a celebrity father who had secrets that Alex wasn’t suppose to know about. Alex knew about those secrets. Alex worked for a network and took trips often, this trip to San Francisco was going just like any other trip he took. Rhonda was doing her usual, walking the kids to school in the morning after Alex got in a cab to go to the airport. She was happy in her life with Alex and the kids, or was she? She always got calls from Alex like clockwork, so when she didn’t receive her usual call that morning from Alex, she started to worry. There are so many twist and turns in this well written mystery thriller that you must read for yourself. The author does a wonderful job keeping your attention with strong characters and well thought out action. I’ll be reading more from this author.

My review of Split Decisions by Carmen Desousa

I’ve read all Carmen’s books. She goes out on a limb and tries something different. We still have the romance and suspense were used to reading, with great characters I’ve come to know and love. The twist, Jaynee Caycee Monroe has been married to her soulmate Jordan for eighteen years. She’s turning 40 and feels there’s something missing from her perfect life. She knows she doesn’t want anyone but Jordan and loves her family with all she has in her heart. Jaynee can’t figure out why she’s depressed. Caycee Jaynee Evans turns down Jordan’s proposal of marriage eighteen years earlier and moved to California to pursue a singing career, only to find eighteen years later that she’s lonely. Caycee looks herself up on the Internet and can’t believe what she sees..Come read what she finds, download your copy today. I recommend Carmen’s books to all who love to read, CLEAN, romance and suspense books. Very well written thought out stories.

Outstanding! Loved it! When Noonday Ends by Carmen Desousa

If your reading Carmen’s books,(if your not I recommend them) then you know Tom. Tom is a new Attorney and looking for a new case when he sees Shelby walk into the court room. She’s accused of hitting her ex husband over the head with a cast iron pan. Tom knew he shouldn’t take the case because Shelby was beautiful and seemed like trouble for him. He asked her questions and said he wanted to be her attorney. Shelby’s in-laws are the castles, a old family with money and lots of secrets. Can Tom help Shelby? Should Tom help Shelby? You will only know if you go hit that button. Carmen’s books are mysteries, love stories  and full of adventure. Very well written, thought out stories. 

Cold Angel Days! Mystery, sci-fi, intrigue. By Clive Johnson.

I love being back in the realm of Dica, with all of its cold walls, castles, mystery, sci-fi and intrigue. I’m back with Falmeard and Geran. This is a series that’s always changing, you never know what’s around the corner or up the stone steps. It’s the fourth book in the series and I wasn’t disappointed. Cold Angel Days puts Falmeard and Geran and her sister prescinda to the test of family and love. Clive writes a tale in his own style of writing. Grab a cold drink or hot one sit back and relax and dig in to this poetic like story. I say poetic because Clives words are in a world all their own. If you haven’t read one of his books, please do so. The Dica series is one of mystery, sci-fi and a love story like no other. Clive has a map that’s actually a work of art, but it’s meant to help understand where your looking and traveling through this series. Once again I’m impressed Clive.Image

Wild Child review

I was looking forward to reading this book because of how it came to be published, it’s a story all in its own you should read before you read this. Kyle father didn’t want him hanging around Brianna because he thought she was a bad influence on Kyle. They met in tenth grade and didn’t like each other much. They were in a class where they were learning to share a breathing apparatus and became friends. There families are different, Kyle’s father was a professor at the college he was going to and Brianna’s mom drinks heavily. She went to a out of state college. She was home on summer break and her and Kyle took his fathers boat out without his permission and things begin getting good at this point. You will have to download the book to read more, don’t want to spoil it. Mike doesn’t disappoint me again with his awesome writing skills and wonderful imagination.