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Playboy or soulmate: Married To Maggie by Jan Romes

Playboy or soulmate: Married To Maggie By Jan Romes

I can’t say enough about this book. At first glance your thinking you know how the story goes, well you don’t. The Vincent’s are oil tycoons, there’s TY Vincent the first(grandfather) TY Vincent the second, was killed in a limo accident, TY Vincent the third, playboy extraordinaire. Maggie Gray an innocent nurse gets caught up in a proposal from both Vincent’s. Maggie’s father Richland was in on it to. I fell in love with the characters, I felt I knew them and was involved with every conversation they had, like I was right there. Only a great author can make you feel that way. Is there more to Tysen the third other than being a playboy? Maggie will find out, her father said he owed Tysen the first, Maggie figured from gambling, so she takes Tysen up on his proposal. Tysen wants Maggie to marry his grandson to stop his playboy ways and step up to run the company after he retires. Maggie agrees because she has lost her job and wants to help her dad. Tysen the third was at a airport trying to get away from the paparazzi when he got chest pains and Maggie was there to help him( she knew where he was going to be because of Tysen the first telling her). Tysen had no idea about the agreement with Maggie and his grandfather. Tysen doesn’t want help and tells Maggie to leave him alone, the nurse in her wouldn’t let that happen, as she’s getting him up Tysen sees Chaz, ( the paparazzi)Maggie realizes what’s happening and protects Tysen from Chaz. Tysen decides he would also propose a deal with Maggie to marry him so his grandfather and the board of trustees would get off his back. He thought she had backbone and would go along with his proposal, after all he’s Tysen Vincent the third, very sexy, smooth and gets what he want with women. He doesn’t know Maggie. This is definitely one of my favorite reads now. I’ve found a new favorite author to, I’ve read one of Jan’s other books and enjoyed that to. Very well written stories. I will miss these characters!