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You thought you knew: The Unlikely Samaritan by Jolie Mae Miller

I never expected some of the stuff that went down in this book, I applaud the author because not many books that are series surprise me this much, I usually know some way the characters are headed. Very dominate men in this series, both sexually, physically and in the business world. If you read the first book you know Mark Chesney and Jack Loving. I love these men, they fit into Lizzie’s life differently but the same. They both love her, Mark realizes her wants her more as a friend than a bed partner, even though he’d jump her in a minute. Mark doesn’t have many people he can really trust because of being so rich, their friendship means more to Mark than anything, trust is hard to find. Jack is a good friend of Marks, Jack finds he’s jealous of their friendship, he has a hard time with it, he wants Lizzie all for him. This is what most people think of Lizzie, very trust worthy and stunning gorgeous, smart, nice to be around. She one of those people who doesn’t see herself that way, this makes her so alluring to the rich men, she’s not after their money. Lizzie takes her husbands death personally, that’s the first thing I didn’t see coming, I thought Lizzie was a strong woman and could take just about anything, so this blew me away. Many people are trying to help her get her shit together, Jack loving right at the top of the list, she has no idea about Jack. Of course Mark, her friend Jenny right beside the men. What Lizzie finds out will blow your brain, what lizzie does will blow your brain, What I read blew mine, now I have to wait for the next book! Let’s go Jolie!!! I need more, now! I really wanted to tell you so much about this book, you seriously need to read this series. Five stars all the way baby!!!✨✨✨


Trust is everything: The Good Samaritan by Jolie Mae Miller

I was given this book in exchange for a honest review:
People in general seem to think those with a absurd amount of money are stuck-up and all for themselves. It takes these folks with money to make the world go around. This story shows different sides to having “Money” and what it can do to you and your life. . Elizabeth Macintyre& Jeremy Macintyre had it all, a house they built especially for them, two beautiful children and a sexual life most married couples dream of. Jeremy loses his job, What happens when things take a turn for the worst? Do they come out on top? Jack Loving Jr. doesn’t really like growing up with money, he doesn’t get the life he wants because of what’s expected of him. He meets a older woman Erin who he has his first sexual encounter with. To keep up with her, he studies all kinds of sexual pleasures. She leaves him to pursue her music career, he goes to college heart broken, still “very” interested in sex, studies all kinds of ways people have sex.The couples are very sexual in this book. Jack meets Victoria and falls for the sexy vixen, against his friends wishes. Throw in Mark Chesney a handsome financial philanthropist and friend to Jack and other wealthy friends. They all meet when things get hot and heavy. Can these couples survive “Money” and the problems that come with it. Download your copy to find out. It’s a very well written story, you’ll laugh, cry, want to punch someone.

Is it a dream: Claimed By Sin 3 ( Seven series) by Regina Puckett & Charity Parkerson

What I like about this book are the characters, Septum has seven horns on top his head and below also. He’s one very sexual demon, all the demons are very sexual. By having Pamela a knock out blonde bodes well with Septum( really Pamela). Pamela’s badass ways just might get her into deep trouble this time around. Wade Collins is her next target. Wade grew up with demons because of his father. He’s in a country band trying to make it big. He’s a brooding kind of man, never smiles, keeps to himself mostly, never wants kids because of his childhood. He meets Morgan outside a club in a parking lot they were playing in, falls for her. He leaves intending on coming back when he has something to offer her, little does he know she’s pregnant. He meets Pamela in a alley one night, she tricks Wade into signing his first borns soul away. Wade doesn’t remember when he meets up with Morgan again and finds out she has his child. Mark, Justice, Kylie, and Liam know though. Luckily Wade has these people and demons on his side. Liam asks Mark to be Wades bodyguard. Mark knows all about Pamela but still isn’t sure about what’s going on. Septum has no idea who he’s messing with or is it the other way around. The dreams, are they real or not. That’s how the demons play with you. Download and read if you dare.