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Touch Of Darkness by Michael Radcliffe

So there are books before this one in this series, I think this one stood very well all on it’s own! The author did a awesome job with the prose, characters and editing, that it rocks as one! There’s a appendix at the back to explain characters and words you’ll see thought out this series, I’m mean really! You don’t usually find those. Bravo! There’s also some of the authors short stories at the back of the book. Bravo! Now, about the story, Rami was sold to the Set when he was a boy. He learned their way, then something happened and Rami ran. He needs to find “The Book Of The Dead”so he can get rid of the evil in or around him, you see he’s having awful nightmares, he believes if he finds this book he’ll be able to get rid of give darkness within him. He meets up with a caravan and the leader takes a liking to him, so he starts traveling with them and did odd jobs. We have wizards, dragons, magic and necromancies running around in this story. Amirah ( Caravans leaders daughter) takes a liking to Rami also, she hears his night mares and wants to help him. A budding romance in the mist of all this darkness? Can Rami find the book before he’s totally taken by darkness? Take the journey with them to find out, just be careful not to head into the dark!!!

Who can we trust: “Spelled” by Kate ST. Clair

Who can we trust: “Spelled”by Kate ST. Clair
There are five kids in the Parks family, four girls and one boy. Georgia is the eldest, then there’s twins girls and Wyatt the only boy and Abby the youngest. Georgia is always looking after her siblings, her mom committed suicide in Louisiana where they used to live, the house caught on fire and the town thought their mom was a bad witch, they had to leave town. They moved to Cody Texas where no one knew them. They live with their stepdad who’s a mid-wife, baby doctor, he’s always at the hospital. There’s something different about this family, they make their own shampoo, Their mom worked with herbs a lot. Georgia is always seeing things, as is Wyatt. She’s been this way for a long time. There was a fire at one school, so the kids from that school had to go to their school now. Her and her friends have a crush on this boy Luke, he goes to their school. Georgia feels as though she knows him from somewhere. Things really start getting awesome at this point, all I can say is you must read this book. I was really surprised by the turn of events. The author keeps her characters rocking all through this story. It’s a well written story, strong characters and great plot.

Everwud Kids: EVERWUD book Two: Castles, Clowns& Potions by Marilyn Dieckmann

I really am enjoying this fairy tale, if you like stories about friendship, magic, family and fairies , this is the series for you.The author joins books one and two with ease. The Everwud tree comes alive with Eilorei’s ( Joeys mom) & Tabor( Joeys grandfather) voices, their so happy to have found a spell to talk to and teach Joey about their world and his heritage. Joey finds other Everwud kids in this book, he’s happy to have others like him in this realm. The clown is still weighing heavy on Joey’s mind, he feels that the clown is up to no good. Joey is coming along with his magic, but there’s trouble lurking in the garden at the castle. Meanwhile in Everwud Eilorei’s has a date with the counsel, Tabor and her are worried, should they be? Dark entities are at work there. Will they ever get to see Joey? Download your copy to find out.

Who Am I: EVERWUD: The Tree, The Boy&The Dog by Marilyn Dieckmann

A book full of fantasy, magic, potions, witches, woodland elves, black magic and fairies. Joey is a orphan, he lives at the Holly House with Miss April-Mae. It’s a nice place for an orphanage compared to most, because Miss April-Mae cares about the kids there. Joey wants to know who his parents are and where he came from. He has a favorite tree he is drawn to, it’s no ordinary tree, Joey leaves his most prized processions in that tree. He befriends a dog at the pet store owned by Mister Tim, a eccentric man who has takes in orphan dogs besides having a pet store. Mister Tim thinks that Joey and the shaggy dog would be great together and asks Joey if he wants him. Joey is all excited until he remembers that they can’t have dogs at the Holly house. Mister Tim offers to keep the dog at his house as long as Joey helps out at the shop, Joey can’t believe luck. As strange things happen at the pet store, Joey learns more about his parents. It’s such a magical story, it drew me right in. I can’t wait to read more about Joey and his friends, “wait” I’ll do that now with EVERUDE book Two: Castles, Clowns& Potions. SWEET!