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Just have Faith: Accendo(third book in the LightBearer Series) by Emily Guido

This review is hard, as this is the third book in this series and I have many emotional ups and downs, especially in this book. I’ve come to know and love the characters because the author has done a outstanding job with describing them and their personalities. I’ve wondered what was going on even when I wasn’t reading. If you were reading my reviews or read the series, you know the egotistic stupidness of the men. They went to battle with the Elder Counsel and got defeated just as Charmeine predicated they would. They had to retreat with one family member dead and Charmeine barley holding onto life. Tabbruis was beside his self for not believing in his wife and queen. Will Charmeine stay in Heaven or return to earth to stand beside her husband and family to defeat the Elder counsel? The Elder Counsel still didn’t have what they wanted, Charmeine. Dimitri, Tabbruis and the rest of the family knew they’d come after them. It took a couple of months for Charmeine to come out of it. In that time Tabbruis learned a lot about their relationship and how it came about. Will the gentlemen listen to Charmeine for the next battle? Can Charmeine ever forgive Tabbruis as a husband and protector? Will they defeat the counsel and have their entire family returned to them? Will they have faith in their queen of Light Bearers and Blood Hunters? It’s all in this book and so much more. The books flow from one to the other effortlessly. A surprise ending had me crying out for another book in this series. My time has come to a end with Charmeine, Tabbruis, Shane, Thomas, Dimitri, Neal and Sandra. I’m Sad!! Read this series, you’ll know what I mean. “Mactus” my LightBearers & BloodHunters!