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A post by my friend Kevin Swarbrick #poetry #cancer

A little poem I’ve write about #Cancer that will be featured in my new poetry book coming out very soon.
This is a little poem that I’ve written for my nan, and also for all the other victims that this dreadful disease has taken an impact on.


A beating heart that sometimes can’t take the passé, what is it with this dreadful disease in the human race, we lose the ones that we love, and the ones we embrace, it’s all heartbreaking and madness that we do not have enough funds around to wipe out this killer disease from our face!

Someone we love and someone we know, would have been brought down by this dreadful disease like so, hurting the ones that we love the most. How can this be, it could live inside you or me as we watch peoples life brought down by such misery, watching the family’s brake down over this catastrophe, watching the hurt that this killer disease lies in front of me!

Is it because I’m older and wiser, I can see it all around, and now it’s a hidden by fear, that we wish it would be brushed under all towns, something we would rather not know, sometimes we feel its pain like so. In all the towns and cities around, think of the life’s that are still around before we visits the man above or the man down!

A wicked disease, we all try to fight, the angels are the ones who give up their time day and night, opening arms that are open so wide, where others will watch, maybe take sides, but they’re not the ones that are suffering you see, but still this disease could live inside you or me… They can’t understand the pain that you feel and those are the ones, who will never see the real deal.

If you feel that something isn’t right, visit your GP, but never give up the fight.

This poem is featured in my poetry book, coming out very soon, so keep an eye out for, ‘Cool Blue Poetry!’

Here’s a sneak preview of the book cover

A look at a writers life and his women friends. PASSION by Kevin Swarbrick


This is a story rewrite of two of this authors first books, Louie Has Landed The Early Days and the Second Encounter. It’s a story of the author and the relationships he’s had with women. It’s full of love and deception at its highest level. The feelings he had  for these ladies and what they put him through was intense enough to wanna write a story. I can’t imagine what he was feeling reliving it through words written for everyone to read. I’m sure it was his outlet as it is for most authors. After going through a up and down relationship that was abusive at times, you have a hard time trusting people. Mark meets Sarah at a pub he was at with his friend, he thought she’s was beautiful. He couldn’t help but look her way every now and then. There eyes caught and Sarah walked over to Mark and there banter between them was a hit from the beginning. They exchanged numbers and texted. Mark couldn’t keep his excitement about Sarah to himself. His friends reminded him what he just went through and to take it slow with Sarah. Will Mark listen, find out by downloading your copy today. While I found the story very intriguing and full of fun, crazy at times and couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what’s happening next, I could only give it 4 stars because it has editing issues. That didn’t take away any of my pleasure while reading this awesome story. Thank you Kevin for sharing what was a hard but true life for you with all of us. I would recommend this read to anyone who likes  a fun at times sad, crazy kind of read.