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Coach or playboy: Playing The Coach by Vonda Norwood

A woman football coach, that’s right. Can a woman be taken seriously as a football coach. Vicky couldn’t believe she has a chance of being a football coach at Rockwell Sr high school. Coach Jake Wilson is one of the best high school coaches. Vicky was excited to meet him and work with him, until she met him.He thought he had a guy named Victor coming in to coach, when Vicky shows up he has her running Errands like, cleaning his office, grocery shoppping, picking up dry cleaning, Vicky is ferocious, she finds out the coach likes sipping whiskey after coaching and he can be talked into anything when he’s drinking. Will Vicky take advantage of the coach? This most sexy read will have you laughing and drooling over this short story. Vonda does a great job penning this story, well written and funny. Download and find out if Vicky becomes coach or kicks a coaches butt.