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Road Trip!!! “Merlot In Maine” (sweatpant and wine club series, third book) by Jan Romes

I followed the four ladies, Elaine, Tawny, Grace, Steph, let’s not forget Stony the husky and Lula the cat, their a big part of the story. The ladies have been there for each other ever since they met at the pawn shop. They make me wish I had met ladies like them in my life. Life isn’t always easy, but with friends like these four you would always have a heart and shoulder to cry on. They have their moments they want to tear their hair out because of each other, believe me. Elaine has a saying ” not my monkeys, not my circus”. If you read the series you’d see. True friends always work it out. This is the third book, on this journey they open a Bed&Breakfast in the snowy state of Maine, mind you none of them have experience in the Bed&breakfast area. They were all ready for a change in life, to leave Cherry Ridge behind, or are they? Elaine sold her gym to Arden (her ex husband) and the house, the ladies left their jobs, the journey begins. These ladies don’t disappoint, their adventure on the had me laughing my butt off most of the time, feeling bad other times. I live in UpState NY, Maine is one of our favorite vacation spots so this book had me right away. I really enjoy the friendship between these sassy, friendly, adventurous, all around wonderful ladies. Wait until you read what they call the Bed&Breakfast!!! Totally fits them. The people they meet, some had me in stitches, others are the men they meet. Join the journey with these wonderful, sassy, fun ladies! Can they make it all work out, or will they fall apart? Hmmmmmm.

I can Hear them: Into The Light By Darcia Helle

I can hear them: Into The Light by Darcia Helle
I really enjoyed this story! We have humor, romance and ghosts. The mystery is a murder, Max Paddington’s murder. Max was killed outside of Chili’s on the same day his wife Rachel asks for a divorce, coincidence? Max doesn’t think so. He hovers over his body and realizes no one can see him, he’s screaming to ask his wife about the murder. He feels a sizzle up his spine and sees his grandfather with his hand held out asking him to go into the light, Max explains why he can’t go yet, another sizzle and he’s in Joe Cavelli’s car, Joe is a sleuth, but Max doesn’t know that. When Joe hears Max they flip out. Max can’t figure out why Joe can hear him, but Joe’s not surprised. Can Joe help this clumsy ghost figure things out so he can go into the light? Read this book to find out, it’s hilarious. There is a message about life, don’t miss it.

Women Rock!!” No Sweat Pants Allowed-Wine Club” by Jan Romes

First off “I Loved This Book!!! The characters Elaina Samuels ( Fitness Gym Owner), Tawny Westerfield (Nurse extraordinaire), Stephanie Mathews ( Office work), Grace Cordray ( Bank Teller), are superb woman. They all met in a jewelry store to trade their rings in for more than money. Elaina just got divorced, Gracie’s husband died a few years ago, Stephanie was jilted as a fiancé, Tawny also divorced. Grace was crying in the back office and it was bothering Elaina, she was ready to walk out the door after standing in line for way to long in between to smelly and disgusting men and listening to the woman crying, she said to herself, not my circus, not my monkeys. Elaina couldn’t walk away, she turned around and asked the woman if she was alright, the woman said she was a mess. Stephanie and Tawny came to see what was up with Grace to. Elaina asked all of them if they wanted to go have a glass of wine. That is the beginning of this budding friendship for these four woman. This book had me laughing my butt off most of the time, crying at other times. You know when women get together all sorts of things can and will happen. There’s also one more fuzzy character that I must mention, Stony the Siberian Husky, he’s Tawny’s best bud. I couldn’t put this book down when I was reading it. The things these ladies say and do! I can’t wait for book two! Fall is way to long Jan!

Man for hire: What’s A Man To Do: By Marcia Carrington

What would you do after 15 years with a company and you get laid off? In this story you will find out what Mike does. He’s thought about leaving the company before, but never thought he’d be laid off. Mike was a man with the same schedule everyday, get up at the same time, wear the same suit, eat the same breakfast, travel the same route. Sounds like Mike needed a change. Janie, his best friend went through the same thing earlier in her life, she tells Mike “it will all work out” take time and have some fun. Mike needs stability in his life, or that’s what he thinks. He’s looking through the paper and doesn’t see anything in his field. What he does see and calls about will surprise you. This is a funny read you will laugh with. Download yours and find out what Mike does with his life. The cover gives a little hint.

Close Call: A Doris& Jemma Vadgeventure

This book is absolutely hilarious!! This is a different genre for this author. I’ve read her dragon books and they were AWESOME! This took me by surprise, I’m so glad she wrote it.Talking vaginas and penis, with names! You read right, talking parts. All Jemma and Erin wanted were good men, they went out to clubs all the time. A part of this book makes me sad, because it’s so hard to find a good man. That said, this had me laughing my butt off. Will Jemma and Erin find their men? I’m telling you this book is a fresh read. I totally recommend this book.

A Different read! Beers In Heaven by Ford Forkum

A Different Read “Beers In Heaven” by Ford Forkum

Zachary Preston, 20 years old finds himself in Heaven, he doesn’t remember how or why he’s there, he’s not suppose to know. On his way to Heaven the oddest thing happens, Zach goes through the Judgement center with his eyes open. The judgement center and the Emissary center start flipping out. How could this happen.Zach is shuttled through tubes, this all with eyes open, scared to death.He lands on cloud 999 where he sees a house just like earths houses. Meanwhile they send Amber to look for him. There are places that resemble earth, like clothing stores, bars, game rooms, parks to help the people feel at home through their enlightening process. There’s a surprise giraffe named wobbles that friends Zach. There’s so much more to this story. There’s the spiritual side and the humorous side. That’s why I like reading from this author, no serous stuff to think of, just a fun read. Download and read all about Zach’s enlightening and spiritual process of being in Heaven.