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HorrorStruck Novella One: The Conversationalist by Justin Bog #Review


I found this quote for this book: “Everything you can imagine is real”.

This new revamp of this book is very evident. The author totally rocked the cover, it says so much on its own. The stories I’ve read in the first edition were good, but you can tell the author revisited his story and tweaked them. The characters get inside your head because it’s not hard to imagine their story. My feelings were all over the place with Patrick’s story, so many people can relate with him on trust issues.
The last story is new to me, “The Night” The author scared the daylight out of me with this one! A child’s imagination makes for a great read, or is it Anna’s imagination? A big house with creaky floorboards, a child crying wolf all the time. Now Anna’s faced with a decision to run to her father and tell him of her suspicion or let her family be stabbed to death. It’s a very well written book that you’ll enjoy reading because everyone has something in common with the characters.

“Eccentric Odds And Ends” By Regina Puckett


This author shows her diverse writing skills in this book. Some stories I’ve read before, the ones I haven’t, I was glad I picked up this book. I’ve read this author’s horror tales, she just keeps getting better. Her Characters are strong minded individuals that rule the story. Her romantic stories are so surreal, you can ride the wave with the characters. You can tell Regina is a seasoned author, her stories are detailed and riveting. Download one of her books and you’ll have a new author to read, I promise. If your a poetry lover you’ll love her work.

To Believe or “Not” Believe “TRILLINGHAM” By Wendy Potocki

Jen is unemployed and looking forward to the summer with Phil her boyfriend and her friends Ellen, Terry, Stuart and Frankie. She lost track of time in the mall and it was turning dark when she left. She hears noises in the parking lot while trying to find her car, something grabs at her ankles trying to pull her under a car. Jen screams and some teenagers heard her and ran to help, by the time they get to her the thing was gone. Jen believes it was someone, not a animal like the kids said it was. She tries to explain to Phil what happened and what she thinks she saw, he doesn’t believe her, her friends don’t either. Then people start missing and are found eaten to death, skin torn and bite marks not animal like. The town wants answers, so doesn’t Jen. Is Trillingham a folklore or is there a cannibal in their town. Download to find out.

It’s My Room: Sam I Am by Regina Puckett

Paige thought the 18th century old house was her dream house. She and her little daughter Kippy and husband Nathan moved into the three story house, she really never thought about her daughter telling the truth about her new imaginary friend, Sam I Am, she was always dreaming up imaginary playmates. Is Sam I Am real or imaginary? Download the book to find out.

Lust and demons are in the air: Chained by Desire by Charity Parkerson& Regina Puckett

What I liked about this book is: I can see the different writing style of both authors. We have two sexy detectives, two sexy sisters, entities, demons and horror all in one read, a page turning ,sexy, paranormal thriller. The story takes place in New Orleans, You already know the paranormal is going to be awesome. The authors describe their bloody demonic horror scenes in great detail. Kylie is dead and sexy detective Liam strong wants to find out who killed her. Kylie can’t figure out how she can be so attracted to him being she’s dead. Demons are lurking while lust is in the air. Kylie finds if she sticks with the detective she feels safer from what killed her. Whatever killed her isn’t done with her. Her estranged sister Anne comes to New Orleans to identify and find out what happened to her sister. Anne always thought Kylie was crazy, as did her aunt. Anne asks detective Mark, Liam’s friend to take her to see Kylie. Mark is stunned by Anne’s beauty. They only knew she had a sister because of a photo in Kylie’s apartment. I want to tell you so much more, I think it best if you read it for yourself. The erotica is a very enticing part of this book, get ready for steamy dreams. This book deserves more than 5 stars in my opinion.

Ballet school or horror school. Black Adagio by Wendy Potocki

Melissa had a hard life at home, introduced to ballet, she worked tirelessly and drowned out home life. All her hard work paid off, she was accepted into the Velofsky School of Ballet. It’s going to be hard, but Melissa has worked for this opportunity. On the train ride there, she went back and forth stressing about if she would make it being a ballet dancer. She knew she had one important move still to master, the Adagio! She arrives at school and meets her roommate, we all know how stressful that can be. She settles in and meets Todd, who is a police officer. Melissa May need Todd’s help because ballet dancing isn’t all that’s going on at the Velofsky School of Ballet. You’ll have to download the book to find out what happens. I’m impressed with this author, you can tell she’s done a lot of research and that she loves ballet. I will be reading more of Wendy Potocki’s work.