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It’s Release Day!! Tales From The Cacao Tree (Mind’s Eye Series book 4) WOO-HOO! #newRelease

Sensations wrapped in colorful foil.

Sweet Lies
Bitter Truths

What would you do
For the love of chocolate?

22 photos, 12 stories, 10 poems

Release Day

Release Day


Three awesome poetry books in one!! Northern Whispers

Northern Whispers By Helle Gade

This is the fourth book this excellent poetry author has put out. The other three are all in this one awesome book of poetry. The cover invites you in and words and pictures tell u this authors story. From her Nordic believes of the gods to her Danish heritage and the pain life can bring on. The pictures tell a story of life’s journeys thru the lens of this author. She blends her poetry and photography with grace. I always look forward to this authors work, from her awesome cover to her beautiful, soulful words and her gorgeous photography. Download your copy today and you’ll see what I mean.