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“Eccentric Odds And Ends” By Regina Puckett


This author shows her diverse writing skills in this book. Some stories I’ve read before, the ones I haven’t, I was glad I picked up this book. I’ve read this author’s horror tales, she just keeps getting better. Her Characters are strong minded individuals that rule the story. Her romantic stories are so surreal, you can ride the wave with the characters. You can tell Regina is a seasoned author, her stories are detailed and riveting. Download one of her books and you’ll have a new author to read, I promise. If your a poetry lover you’ll love her work.

I can Hear them: Into The Light By Darcia Helle

I can hear them: Into The Light by Darcia Helle
I really enjoyed this story! We have humor, romance and ghosts. The mystery is a murder, Max Paddington’s murder. Max was killed outside of Chili’s on the same day his wife Rachel asks for a divorce, coincidence? Max doesn’t think so. He hovers over his body and realizes no one can see him, he’s screaming to ask his wife about the murder. He feels a sizzle up his spine and sees his grandfather with his hand held out asking him to go into the light, Max explains why he can’t go yet, another sizzle and he’s in Joe Cavelli’s car, Joe is a sleuth, but Max doesn’t know that. When Joe hears Max they flip out. Max can’t figure out why Joe can hear him, but Joe’s not surprised. Can Joe help this clumsy ghost figure things out so he can go into the light? Read this book to find out, it’s hilarious. There is a message about life, don’t miss it.

Ghost: Black Coffee 4 by D.E.E.L (Dan Leicht)

I’m sitting here with my coffee while reading about Charles Splint and his story about taking over the grid. Unfortunately in this one he has to drink flavored coffee( I feel for him). Charles always seems to loose those close to him, this time it was Nora. He hasn’t slept since her murder, not good, as Charles soon finds out. Charles finds those he trusted aren’t who they seem to be, have they set him up? There is someone new trying to take him down. Can they finally take him out? He definitely has a hard time in this installment of Black Coffee. Download yours now!

Fate will catch up:” Gunslinger Greed” by Mark Stone

This is “not” a book for the queasy stomach. Earl Claudius Wade was saved from hanging, he killed a hooker that made him feel bad, or was he saved? He ran for the Black Hills after he seen what his father done to his wife, sweet Mary and his mother. He had a posse after him, will he escape their wrath? He was hiding out in a abandoned cabin with his friend, he doesn’t know if the friend is real or not. With the stuff this man has been through, his friend could be his imagination. The plot of this book is horrific, by that I mean what’s happening in the story, gory, bloody, to say the least, somehow I couldn’t put the book down. All I can say is this author has one awesome imagination. I’ve never read anything so gory before. Download your copy to find out Earls plight.

8 short stories: ” Far Away In Time by Maria Savva

I want to tell you something about every story, that would give to much away. I really enjoyed all the stories, the characters played their rolls well. In one story the author tells how important reviews are, wether it be for products, books, services etc. I’m partial to 2&3, they intertwine, just loved Mr Silverfrost, the plot was well thought out. Some stories made me sad, while some kept me on my toes, the greed in one story made me mad. A well written book of short stories. I would have liked the greed story to tell me how people reacted after the character, well read the story and see for yourself.

Are they ghosts or real: “Sated” by Charity Parkerson

The author had me from page one! I felt like I was dreaming reading this book, like I was in a cloud the whole time, not sure if it’s real or not, just like Arbor.The characters rock! The author touches on satanic rituals in New Orleans. Arbors feels she was dreaming after a unforgettable, hot night spent with Killian, a famous rocker from the band Exile. She’s dreamt dreams like this before because she always feels like her life is missing something and she’s invisible to people. In her dreams, or reality, she sees herself with three men, Killian the rocker, Lyric a rocker, both from the famous band Exile and Trey a detective who investigates satanic ritual murders. All three smokin hot bodies and she has them all. It’s more than just sexual between this trio. Can they survive their special relationship? Download yours to find out. Many twist and turns in this story, the ending blew me away!

It’s My Room: Sam I Am by Regina Puckett

Paige thought the 18th century old house was her dream house. She and her little daughter Kippy and husband Nathan moved into the three story house, she really never thought about her daughter telling the truth about her new imaginary friend, Sam I Am, she was always dreaming up imaginary playmates. Is Sam I Am real or imaginary? Download the book to find out.