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The Things I can see and hear: ” Wake Me Up” by Justin Bog #review

Wake Me Up by Justin Bog

A tiny town, a gross injustice! Teenager Chris Bullet is beaten with a bat by four bullies because they thought he was gay. In this awesome novel you’ll read about his coma state of mind, where he can see or read what’s going on in his loved ones and friends lives. I can’t imagine being able to do that, don’t know if I’d want to. Right from the start the author gets intense, page after page of raw emotion. I was thrown into the lives of these characters, some I didn’t like, some I felt sorry for, all being told by Chris in his coma. The author does a outstanding job with this story! I’ve read his books, all of them well written thought out stories. This one was his first full novel!! I recommend this book to anyone who likes intense stories with strong characters.

My Review of “There Was An Old Woman”by Julie Elizabeth Powell

“There Was An Old Woman” By Julie Elizabeth Powell
This short story makes you keep thinking, Is this reality? Ghostly? Dreamer?
The author does such a awesome job keeping your attention through this very short story. The plot thickens with each word written, I feel like I’m walking into a ladies dream, or am I in a story? There is another side to this author’s talent in the form of a entertaining poem at the end of this short book. This is the first I’ve read from this author, I will be reading more!! Alway’s happy to find new talent.

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Dreams and wishes: According To The List by D.e.e.L

This is a short story about dreaming (at least that’s how I see it). All he wants to do is write, dreams about where to write and what to write about. If you had a wish, what would you wish for? He dreams about love and life while writing. It relates to most people, always wondering and dreaming of what’s to come, wether it be writing, music, art, keep dreaming. Find the time to do what you love. It’s a very well written short story, made me think.

Close Call: A Doris& Jemma Vadgeventure

This book is absolutely hilarious!! This is a different genre for this author. I’ve read her dragon books and they were AWESOME! This took me by surprise, I’m so glad she wrote it.Talking vaginas and penis, with names! You read right, talking parts. All Jemma and Erin wanted were good men, they went out to clubs all the time. A part of this book makes me sad, because it’s so hard to find a good man. That said, this had me laughing my butt off. Will Jemma and Erin find their men? I’m telling you this book is a fresh read. I totally recommend this book.

Mans pride! Is it worth it! “Walt” by Charity Parkerson

Another awesome read in The Undefeated Series 3rd book. Walt is in love with Alyssa. He’s the son of Cameron and Chantel. Walt goes away on deployment and comes home hurt, Alyssa is waiting at the hospital with his family and friends. Walt told his dad to tell Alyssa he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Alyssa is stunned and doesn’t believe it, she gets in somehow and Walt tells her he really doesn’t want to see her anymore. Years go by and she’s having problems with her car when a white truck pulls up. Download this book and read what happens with these two and more. There are secrets and sexiness of course….

A sweet read. The Grandmothers Message by Marci Carrington

A very sweet story about a sweet young women named Ariel. Ariel was always looking at pictures of her grandmas, generations of them. She always wondered what it was like to live in her great grandmas era. She often felt she belonged in that era, always fantasizing about dressing like her great, in Victorian style. She even took classes at a university in modern European and American history. Ariel asked her mom questions about them all the time. Women in Ariel’s family loved and took care of one another. Ariel was on her way to school when all of a sudden things went black, She thought she was dreaming. Download this short but sweet read and see what happens.

Read it!!! Where Will You Hide by Michelle Franco

Raith and his team hunt draugers, draugers are known to be the worst of the evil, they kill humans and all others creatures. They turn on you in a second, their not to be trusted. Raith found Aran dying from being attacked by a drauger. Aran told Raith how his uncle died trying to save him and other children that were kidnapped by one. The drauger put a whole through Reinns chest and Aran threw the torch at her and Reinn cut her head off. Reinn thought he was dying and told his nephew to run to safety with the other children. When he awoke he finds he’s one of them, he hides out in the creatures castle away from everyone for centuries, while his nephew thought him dead. Aran fought to kill every last drauger, he was a great fit with Raiths group, so he turned him into a vampire. Kylee went to Scotland to go on a trip her and her grandmother were to take together. Kaylee grandma died before they got the chance, her grandma left her money to go and she decided that’s what she’d do. She was searching for her relatives town in Scotland when she got lost in the pouring rain. She was in a country she didn’t know in the pouring rain, freezing and lost. Kaylee sees a light and walks up the hill towards it to ask for directions. She couldn’t believe it was a castle. A huge man answers the door and Kaylee was stunned by his manners. Really can’t say much more, except download this book and the one before this. The author sure knows how to tell a story, her characters are strong and I loved the series. This second book was phenomenal, not taking away from the first that started this awesome story. I can’t wait for more. You will fall in love with the characters.