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Road Trip!!! “Merlot In Maine” (sweatpant and wine club series, third book) by Jan Romes

I followed the four ladies, Elaine, Tawny, Grace, Steph, let’s not forget Stony the husky and Lula the cat, their a big part of the story. The ladies have been there for each other ever since they met at the pawn shop. They make me wish I had met ladies like them in my life. Life isn’t always easy, but with friends like these four you would always have a heart and shoulder to cry on. They have their moments they want to tear their hair out because of each other, believe me. Elaine has a saying ” not my monkeys, not my circus”. If you read the series you’d see. True friends always work it out. This is the third book, on this journey they open a Bed&Breakfast in the snowy state of Maine, mind you none of them have experience in the Bed&breakfast area. They were all ready for a change in life, to leave Cherry Ridge behind, or are they? Elaine sold her gym to Arden (her ex husband) and the house, the ladies left their jobs, the journey begins. These ladies don’t disappoint, their adventure on the had me laughing my butt off most of the time, feeling bad other times. I live in UpState NY, Maine is one of our favorite vacation spots so this book had me right away. I really enjoy the friendship between these sassy, friendly, adventurous, all around wonderful ladies. Wait until you read what they call the Bed&Breakfast!!! Totally fits them. The people they meet, some had me in stitches, others are the men they meet. Join the journey with these wonderful, sassy, fun ladies! Can they make it all work out, or will they fall apart? Hmmmmmm.

A Heart Not Easily Broken(Butterfly Memories) by M.J.Kane

M.J Kane writes about racial relationships in this book. Ebony, Yasmine and Katie met in college. Ebonies parents weren’t happy with her choice of profession, she wanted to be a zoo vet. It took more schooling than the average college student usually did. She moved from North Carolina to California to go to school. Her parents weren’t happy about either. The girls got a house together, Yasmine wanted to be in fashion and Katie was in graphic design. Yasmines family owned a few Inns, so Yasmine ran the one in California because they had needed her for awhile. Ebony was still in school while working for a veterinarian to make money and get credits for college. Katie wa working in her chosen field. The girls went out one night for girls night out. Ebony was dressed to the hilt, with the help of Yasmine and Katie. She felt uncomfortable in her tight dress, but she had said she wanted a man and the girls dressed her for that reason. She is attracted to the drummer in the band, so she goes up front. And starts dancing in front of the band hopping he would look at her. The only person watching her from the band was the guitar player. She wasn’t interested in him. He stared at her at the bar when she returned there. When he came off the stage he went to talk to her. Brian was a white dude and Ebony was black. Ebony made it clear she wasn’t interested, but Brian invited her to the VIP section after they were done playing. Of course she thought he was cute enough but not her type and the white girls next to her wanted him, they were staring her down when Brian was talking to her, she mentioned this to Brian, but he said he wanted to talk to her not them. Ebony didn’t go to the VIP section. She told the girls about Brian, they said she should have gone. One day she arrives home to find lawn care people working in the yard. Yasmine had told her they’d be there to pay them when they were done. She went to the back to see how they were doing and ran into Brian. She was mad as all at Katie and Yasmine because she thought they set her up. Brian hadn’t stopped thinking about her so he was very happy about his situation, it was another chance to ask her out. Will there families and friends be ok with this if they get together. Down load this perfectly edited book and find out for yourself if Brian and Ebony  make it or not. I’ve already written enough, right! Lol! I would read another book from this author any day, as a matter of fact, I must get Jade now.