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Catch me if you can: Heron Park by Christine Raggio

Catch Me if you can:Heron Park: by Christine Raggio
I had to tell myself at times ” It’s just a book”, you feel as though your watching this happen. The author is VERY descriptive, the killings brutally gruesome. A little town in Long Island is on the edge, Cassie a detective is on the hunt with the FBI for a killer using welled trained dogs to help with the killings of women and their dogs walking through Heron Park. The killings keep happening, they must find the killer or be killed, as he has his sights set on Cassie and her family and friends. Can they stay ahead of him and catch him before he kills again? This was one story I’ll never forget! I’ve never read a book so descriptive, it kept me turning the pages wanting him to be caught before he could kill again, he just kept going and my adrenaline was pumping. I usually don’t get scared reading a book, but this one had me on the edge of my seat. One of the best mystery murder books I’ve read.Totally recommend! I’ll be reading more from this author. This dude is SICK! In this book there’s murder, mystery, lust, love, and family, it has it all. I loved getting to know Cassie and her partner Izzy, all the characters were awesome. I’m hoping for a second book.

Hot Box ( eight stories in one) Wild Child by Mike Wells

I read this a long time ago: My review
I was looking forward to reading this book because of how it came to be published, it’s a story all in its own you should read before you read this. Kyle’s  father didn’t want him hanging around Brianna because he thought she was a bad influence on Kyle. They met in tenth grade and didn’t like each other much. They were in a class where they were learning to share a breathing apparatus and became friends. There families are different, Kyle’s father was a professor at the college he was going to and Brianna’s mom drinks heavily. Brianna went to a out of state college. She was home on summer break and her and Kyle took his fathers boat out without his permission and things begin getting good at this point. You will have to download the book to read more, don’t want to spoil it. Mike doesn’t disappoint me again with his awesome writing skills and wonderful imagination.

Hot box set( eight awesome stories) Sanctioned Kill by C.R. Hiatt

A girl has to do what she has to do sometimes: “Sanction Kill” By C.R.Hiatt
I’ve read C.R.s last series, I loved it, that’s why I received a ARC of this book. This series is a little more adult but still keeping to her style of writing. Plenty of action and awesome characters, you can tell she did her research. Kyra could’ve been a professional model, she had all the right assets for the job, she was even offered jobs by big agencies. Kyra choose the military instead. Some say it’s because she wanted revenge, you see her parents were victims of 911, they went down in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. In this book you’ll find awesome characters, like Tin a geek who loved to play around with electrical devices, was military army intelligence in Afghanistan, that’s were he met Kyra, then there’s JD, Air Force pilot, bachelors degree in political science, Masters degree in international affairs, more than just a pretty playboy. LeClair, awesome looking assassin or that’s what people are lead to believe. They are all apart of the ATU ( anti terror unit) except LeClair, they were told there was a big trade going down with guns and drugs meant to sell to the Taliban and al Qaeda , Afghanistan, Pakistan, to kill American soldiers. Read to find out how it all turns out, full of kick butt action, you’ll love it. I’ll be reading the other seven stories in the set also. My next read will be ” Heron Park by Christine Raggio.