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Ghost: Black Coffee 4 by D.E.E.L (Dan Leicht)

I’m sitting here with my coffee while reading about Charles Splint and his story about taking over the grid. Unfortunately in this one he has to drink flavored coffee( I feel for him). Charles always seems to loose those close to him, this time it was Nora. He hasn’t slept since her murder, not good, as Charles soon finds out. Charles finds those he trusted aren’t who they seem to be, have they set him up? There is someone new trying to take him down. Can they finally take him out? He definitely has a hard time in this installment of Black Coffee. Download yours now!

Coffee with a kick!! Black Coffee 2 A Charles Splint Case: by D.E.E.L

Charles took down the top man in the gang, now he has to take down the guy who took his place. While drinking his black coffee laced with his favorite scotch, he listens to gang members for information on the top dude in the gang. If I know Charles he’ll get the job done. I’ll find out in the third installment

Fights & Whiskey: Devil- A Charles Splint Case By D.E.E.L

This is the second Splints case I’ve read, both in a row. The first one was such a kickass story I had to find out more about Charles Splint. This bookis longer than the other, just as action packed as the first. A green eyed beauty walks into his office and asked him to get rid of the most notorious devil in town. He knows he’s in for the fight of his life, but who’s he to turn down a beautiful lady. Grab your copy, find out if Charles can take the devil out of commission. Both books well worth your time, he’s kick butt and a funny wise guy.

Home- A Charles Solver Splint Case by D.E.E.L

I was in the mood for a fun read, this fit he bill perfectly. Charles knows their after him, his client gave him away, he went to the warehouse to see this monster the client wanted taken out. Things go wrong, his client is shot, he goes to a bar and just waits knowing their coming. He meets Ms. Right and all heck breaks loose when they walk through the door. Short read, lots of action.

Dreams and wishes: According To The List by D.e.e.L

This is a short story about dreaming (at least that’s how I see it). All he wants to do is write, dreams about where to write and what to write about. If you had a wish, what would you wish for? He dreams about love and life while writing. It relates to most people, always wondering and dreaming of what’s to come, wether it be writing, music, art, keep dreaming. Find the time to do what you love. It’s a very well written short story, made me think.