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Matters of the heart: Killing Instinct (a Michael Sykora novel third one) by Darcia Helle

Unfortunately I’ve come to the end of this awesome series, this is the third and last time I’ll be with Michael, Nicki and Sean, other characters I’ll miss Isaac and his mom Ruby. What a way to end a series! I don’t know if you read any of this series, it highly detailed, from it’s torture scenes to it’s investigating work, this author can write! The research is evident in every way, from torture, to killing, to breaking and entering, everything is so detailed. We have two men and one woman with the same mindset, get rid of rapist, child abusers. We have more of Sean in this one, I love that, he’s a likable hired hit man, yea I said hit man and likable ( read the series, you’ll find out). He’s hired to kill Maria, he’s done what he’s never done, got involved with a hit. Maria is beautiful, Sean thinks something is way off about this job. He decides to investigate and asks Michael for help, for Sean to ask for help was big. What they find is very disturbing, a Internet site that you can get any fantasy you want, killing, sexual, any fetish your into. It’s run by someone called “The SandMan” He wants Maria dead! Sean, Michael and Nicki go deep and things get real. I cringed, got sad, happy, actually had tears from reading this series. I applaud the author for “HER” imagination and plain awesomeness in knowing what the reader wants. I’ve read other books by this author, I totally recommend you try her.

Kids: Beyond Salvation ( A Michael Sykora novel) by Darcia Helle

This is the second novel in this awesome series. Michael and Nicki ( you remember Nicki, the prostitute Micheal was with after the killing of his fiancé). Michael helped Nicki in No Justice, now she’s got a job and apartment, has her head on straight. Michael and her are great friends, Nicki wants more, Michael keeps putting her off, (will Nicki win). Michael has problems with his dad, he has cancer and Michael wants to find his sister before he dies. He enlists his best friend Isaac ( police officer) to help find her. He has all that going on and his daytime job as a software designer, at night he plays justice for those who need him. He mostly goes after child molesters and rapist who think their above the law. Two boys who live on the streets that helped Nicki out when she needed it needs her help finding a girl that lived with them, they are sure she’s in trouble. Michael usually doesn’t do runaways but, these boys helped Nicki, so he said he’d meet them. They decided to try to help, when things get deep Michael asks his friend and hit man Sean to help. What they dig into is a world where danger lies in the hands of people who claim to be in Gods hands. You must read this series!!!

Justice Served: No Justice by Darcia Helle

There’s two sides to Michael Sykora, a software designer by day, a man doing justice at night. He began his night time justice after his fiancé was killed at the hands of a dirtbag, he found he was good at it. It’s not about the money for Michael, it’s getting the dirtbags off the streets before they strike again. The way he felt when he took out the low life that killed Christina, he wanted that for other families who need the same feeling. He had a rough life, his mom took off with his sister and left him with his father who turned to alcohol instead of facing reality and being a father to Michael. His best friend Isaac is a police officer, Isaac mother Ruby a steady mom in his life, now his secretary. After Christina’s death he turned to Nicki for solace, a prostitute, until he started liking her then he stopped calling and seeing her. Nicki called him out of the blue saying she needed to see him, she needed his help. He couldn’t turn her down. He has a lot on his plate, his dad gives him news that hits down deep, they have a long over due talk. Nicki has problems with a big player in the hood. Can Michael handle all this and come out on top. They want to see his sister and make sure she’s ok. Michael is a sweet man, but don’t get on his wrong side! Download and read about Michael, the author does a outstanding job with this book, can’t wait to read more from her.

Campus crime

Usually I don’t keep reading when the first chapters aren’t page turners, hence the four stars. I’m glad I kept going, this book explodes with action after the first few chapters. Dennis is a campus heart throb, at least that’s what most girls think, except April. April is a agent on campus following a case, she thinks Dennis might be involved. April follows Dennis who’s following someone he thinks is involved in a progressing crime on campus. April saves Dennis after he’s knocked out by the person whom he was following. April still isn’t so sure about Dennis until her agency turns against her and she needs Dennis to help her. April had two identities, a motorcycle riding student, that’s how her friends know her, Dennis is the only one who knows different. Does Dennis gain Aprils respect? Does the duo solve the crime? Is there romance in the air between the two? You will never know without reading it yourself, download and find out.

Where Will You Run, freakin awesome!! By M.E. Franco

When SanFrancisco homicide detective Mari gets a call that her sister Kerry is in a psychiatric hospital, she can’t phantom why. She’s always calling in favors to get her out of trouble, but she wasn’t looney. Mari left the precinct without telling anyone. She can’t believe what the doctor tells her, she has to hear it from Kerry. Kerry tells her she heard Collins, one of the cities richest and sexiest, honorable man in the city was selling humans to other vampires for their blood. She believes Kerry saw something, because she was scared to death. She tells Kerry she will look into it for her.That night Kerry turns up missing from the hospital.  When she gets back to the station, the captain calls her to his office. He tells her he knows what’s going on because the doctor called him. The captain tells her to stay away from Collins because she won’t win, he has friends in high places. This doesn’t sit well with Mari. On top of that tells her he’s giving her a new partner. His name is Raith, he’s a missing persons expert. Mari thinks he’s sexy and she also thinks he knows it. Mari isn’t in the mood for Raiths egotistic ways. Will Mari take on Raith as a partner or try to loose him in the game. Just download this awesome story to find out. There is so much more to this story, and it’s awesome.

My review of Deception In Savannah by Charles Dougherty

This story has crime, mistresses, humor, mob bosses, deception and intrigue all set in beautiful Savannah. The characters are tourist who come because of the book, It was written on the ghost of old Savannah. Then there’s the Northeners who want to live there because of the land. Then there’s those whom lived there all their lives trying to keep their beautiful Savannah culture alive. Come read how the town people try to do that. This story is well written and I would recommend this author and all 8 of his reads. Thank you Charles for sharing your talent with us. Amazon.com is where you can get Charles books.

My review of Wrong Time Wrong Place by David Perlmutter

I’d give more stars if I could. I don’t usually read true stories, so glad I picked this one. The author says he’s not a writer, umm, have you read your book! Dave has a nice job selling real state with a nice car and apartment. He goes out one night and chooses the wrong thing, racing his car around in a parking lot after partying to much. The police caught him and his whole life turned upside down. He lost his job, car and apartment. He had to move back home with his parents. Dave went into a state of depression, he figured the only way was to leave home and go somewhere and take a little vacation. He choose Spain. At first everything was going fine, he stayed one night in a five star hotel and fond a job his first night there. He thought his life was taking a turn for the better. He got to know the people in the area and got along with most. Sleeping during the day and working and partying at night. Dave’s finds out that the police in other countries are way worse than what he went through at home. He chooses the same path time after time. If your 18 and older, learn from Dave’s mistakes please!