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New Release: Brides Of Christmas @JanRomes and other great authors #NewRelease

imageThe Wild Rose Press has done something sweet for Christmas this year with the Twelve Brides of Christmas series – they’ve taken the twelve individual stories and divided them into four volumes with three stories in each.

The Twelve Brides of Christmas series is loosely based on the English Christmas carol the Twelve Days of Christmas. Each author was given a day from the song and wrote a story pertaining to that day.

For volume one:

Jan Romes – Big on Christmas (Partridge in a pear tree)

Barbara Edwards – Late for the Wedding (Two turtle doves)

Fleeta Cunningham – Till the World is Safe For Dreams (Three French hens)

Blurb for Big on Christmas:

Cassie New left L.A. with a secret and finds herself in Woodstock, VT – a town rich with Christmas tradition. She tries to forget the world she knew but the small-town charm makes her even more aware of the life she never had.
Luke Stennett doesn’t have time for relationships. Things are starting to go right but he has a secret of his own that could possibly turn everything upside down.
Once their secrets are revealed, will it kill the chemistry and send Cassie back to L.A. or will she fight for her happiness and stay firmly planted in a place big on Christmas?

Blurb for Late for the Wedding:

Despite an impending nor’easter, Heather Green sets out for her twin sister’s wedding with the dress, cake, and favors. As the snow piles up, she wrecks her car in an accident.
Driving a tow truck, Nicholas Burnes has the task of helping Heather. When the storm closes the roads he ends up offering her shelter. Warm and rested, Nick and Heather explore their attraction for each other, only to part when he delivers her to her sister’s wedding. But weddings breed weddings…

Blurb for Till the World is Safe for Dreams:

Dreams were put on hold when the bombs hit Pearl Harbor, including Kay and Jeremy’s wedding plans. Now he’s half a world away, and Kay is spending her days in a war plant, forging bonds with other women who worry and wait. Then she receives news that Jeremy has life threatening injuries. Will he come back? If he does, will he be the same? Will the world ever be safe for dreams?

If any of these stories sound like something that might touch your heart, you can find Volume One here:

The Wild Rose Press

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Brides-Christmas-One-Fleeta-Cunningham-ebook/dp/B0170WDRGY/ref=sr_1_21?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1446511428&sr=1-21&keywords=jan+romes

Barnes and Noble

*Volumes 2, 3, & 4 will soon be released to add to the collection*

Ice Crystals: Frostbite: The Dragon That Saved Christmas by Michael J. Radcliffe

Ice crystals: Frostbite: The Dragon That Saved Christmas by Michael Radcliffe

This is not your usual Christmas story, I like it better because there’s a dragon involved. Got your attention yet? We have, Kringle, dragons , witches and magic. A very well written short story about Christmas that could stop Kringle in his tracks. Frostbite goes up against the mean witch to save Kringle and Christmas. You go frostbite!!!! Download this sweet short today.

Reality for some: Hark A Christmas Story by Justin Bog

In this Christmas story, we have six different well written and thought out stories. They are not your tis the season stories. Their about the reality for some people at this time of year, not everyone enjoys this time. Justin is real in his characters and story lines. I’m not saying their all dark stories, some are happy with realty in them. Candycanes, stocking and presents isn’t what it’s all about for some. I think there is a lot of people who can resonate with this book. I adored all the stories because they are real. I recommend this book to all who want a real Christmas story about different meanings for this season.

GRANDFATHERS!!! “A Christmas Contract” by Jan Romes

What I like about this story is: The triplets are not spoiled, they work for what they want, even though their grandfather is rich. The family has good morals and values. There’s Jen who’s a bookworm nerd, Christi, a fitness trainer and Noelle who’s a fashionista. They work at their own jobs plus work at their uncles restaurant. The girls really love that restaurant and would love to own it. I love the banter between the girls. They all have different personalities. Grandfather comes up with a way for them to own the restaurant, they need to find husbands before Christmas, six weeks away. They think he nuts. We go through each girls story trying to find the right guy. Will they find love and get the restraurant? You’ll have to read this sweet book to find out, very well written, you’ll love it.This author is such a romantic at heart!!